It is easy to get rich and powerful| ثروتمندوقدرتمندشدن آسان است

“99th story”

First published: July.11.2019

Mahmoud was a young boy from a poor village.


He started working from the age of 5 and learned masonry from his father. When he grew up to be 18, he decided to go to a big city and start a proper job.


He started working for a factory. When he heard that the factory wanted to build a wall all around its land, he offered the cheapest price to build a perfect wall with a guarantee.


The factory owner was very happy about the cheap offer and made Mahmoud responsible for ordering the materials. Mahmoud stole half the materials and sold them in the black market. After two years the wall was finished and Mahmoud was rich.


With his savings, he bought expensive rugs and stored it in storage and insured them.


After a month, his storage burned down.


When the insurance company sent an appraiser, they confirmed that the remaining ashes were rugs. Mahmoud made a fortune, but he had removed all the expensive rugs before the fire, and the remainings were old useless rugs.


Mahmoud did so many of these tricks and grew so fast that his wealth was uncountable.


He couldn’t stop, and now he was thinking of getting into politics. Now he just had to decide where to start, become a mayor? Governor? Senator? Or maybe even run for the presidency.

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  1. Sadly sounds like the sort of chap who politicians tend to appoint as « business advisors »

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  2. It’s good to be rich but not the way Mahmoud became and most of these people go to politics, lol. Thanks for posting this beautiful story.

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  3. Politicians are same everywhere….after wealth and power!!

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  4. Hmm…. Such wealth leads to no good. Sounds like an interesting premise though. I wish you all the very best for your book, Laleh! ✌️

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  5. When they become rich they need to protect the wealth and therefore getting into power is the best way to safeguard it…

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  6. I kept hoping that Mahmoud (or Moudever) would get his comeuppance. Maybe in the next chapter….

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  7. Sounds like a familiar backstory for far too many of our politicians worldwide.

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  8. This is true? Unfortunate and very sad….doing wrong though has a way of surfacing either sooner or later and one must pay the price!

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  9. But it does not make sense if you have to die,,,

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  10. How subtle – to disguise him as a Muslim

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  11. This sounds similar to someone we all know 🙂 Always use tricks and lies to get what he wants.

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  12. That’s a great story, Laleh! 😊
    Most people like that usually end up in politics. Cuz that’s where they can supposedly ‘hide and thrive’.

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  13. Sarebbe un perfetto politico dei nostri tempi…purtroppo.

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  14. This is interesting – to become filthy rich, join politics – 😊

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  15. As your blog points out, one can be very leery of those who have money Corruption stinks.

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  16. I thought you were talking about the current occupant of the White House, but I guess it’s the way things are in many countries. It’s so sad, and it’s hard to be optimistic about the future.

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  17. Sad but money often makes your conscious die.

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  18. It seems like politicians all have this same mentality. This is a good, thought-provoking story.

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  20. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  21. Sounds like a typical politician.

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  22. As we know, once corrupt always corrupt!

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  23. Isn‘t it strange that nobody in our sooo intelligent societies discovers what this wise guy does? Many thanks for your clever story and best regards Martina

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  24. Hm , this attitude will backfire at some point. I can’t help it, but it reminds me of a man who still runs our country here.

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  25. Explains alot about the mess many countries find themselves in. Great story, Laleh.

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  26. To be rich is so easy ,but not like Ahmed

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