“174th story”

A ship got stuck in a storm and sank into the deep ocean—only one of the passengers survived by holding onto a large wood piece. The waves took him to an island.

After checking the small Island, he realized he is the only person living there here. Every day he stared at the sea and prayed to God for a way of his freedom.

He begged God to let some other ships see him and rescue him. Days passed, and no boat passed. He had to make a shelter and find food. With that piece of wood which helped him to stay alive and some tree branches, he built a little protection.

This way, he would stay dry when it rained and had a proper place to call home. He made some fire to cook the animals and fish he hunt.

When he went to find food one day, his cooking fire got to the branches and the wood of his home and burnt everything. The smoke was high in the sky, and the survivor was devastated.

He got angry at God and said: “How could you do this to me? This shelter was all I had. Couldn’t you keep this for me? Why are you so harsh on me?”

He slept on the sand with disappointment and sadness.

He woke up with the sound of a ship’s whistle. The little boats were at the beach to save him.

The survivor asked the rescuers, shockingly: “How did you know I was here on this Island?”

They said: “We saw the smoking you sent to inform us someone is trapped on this Island.”

When everything goes wrong in our lives, all the bad days and months that we pass by force; We should stay strong and keep our faith because we know God is watching us and helping us.

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  1. Happy New Year, dear Laleh! 🙂

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  2. Happy New Year Laleh ❤️

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  3. A good lesson, for sure Laleh. Happy New Year. Allan

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  5. Nice story. For a moment it reminded me of the Robinson Crusoe´s experience. Everything happens for a reason. Regards! and have a new year full with hope.

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  6. Loved the story and love God who always wants the best for his good people .

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  7. Amen. Have a blessed and happy New Year, Laleh 🙂

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  8. Lovely! May we all stay strong and keep the faith in 2021 and beyond.

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  9. I really love your stories…
    Happy New Year, Laleh.

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  10. A perfect story as we enter a New Year after a year filled with one disaster after another.

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  11. Thanks for sharing this wonderful thanksgiving blessings amen and encouragement blessings 🙏

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  12. God knows what’s best for us..great story

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  13. So very true this is, for I have experienced similar. Thank you and bless you, Laleh, for this wonderful reminder.

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  14. Nice history. Happy new year, dear

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  15. Sensational history

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  16. Sweet Laleh Just to say all Best wishes For new 2021

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  17. This, I think, captures much about the way God works. I recall reading the story of a pilot trying to find his way back to the carrier on which his plane was based. His gas was running low. The instruments on his plane were not responding. He prayed, but then they went out entirely. Only by starlight could he see the phosphorescent trail the carrier had left in its wake. It led him to safety.

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  18. Anticamente l’umanità era più paziente e si affidava a Dio o qualsiasi entità credeva.
    L’uomo di oggi vorrebbe tutto e subito, non pensa mai che da qualcosa di poco buono può nascere qualcosa di meraviglioso.
    Spesso mette se stesso davani a Dio, ma Lui è il tutto che ci può sostenere. Dobbiamo ritrovare la Fede.

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  19. It’s my pleasure

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  20. Beautiful story

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