Only One Mark, Please|لطفا فقط یک نمره

“175th story”

The teacher was in the class alone when a student walked towards her.

When the teacher saw the student, said: “Did you know you got nine in your exam? You are the only one in the class who failed this test.”

The ashamed student replied: “Can you give me one mark so that I wouldn’t fail?”

The teacher replied firmly: “It will not be possible to give you one mark. I gave you what you deserved. I’m not punishing you, but I just want you to try harder and study more for the next exam.”

The frightened student said: “But my mother will beat me.”

The teacher stayed quiet. She knew all the parents want the best for their kids, but by beating, a child will never grow to become a better or educated person in life. And it will be a bad influence and harm the child in the future. It can cause hate towards education.

The teacher didn’t know what to do? Should she give one mark and save the student from getting beaten, or let him learn the lesson and study more?

The kind teacher looked at the crying student and said: “I can’t just give you one mark. But I can lend you one mark on this exam. And you owe me this mark plus its interest. On the next exam, you have to get a higher mark because I will take two marks off for my loan. Is this a fair deal for you?”

The little student jumped up with happiness and said: “I promise I will give your two marks back. Thank you.”

That student worked very hard since then, and in all future exams, he made remarkable marks. And he owed it all to his kind elementary teacher.

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  1. Beautiful writing

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  2. A really lovely post. How I wish I had such teachers!

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  3. What a wonderful story of education and trust. Thanks Laleh ! Alain “Bibliofeel”

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  4. Another life lesson story that I loved the way the teacher treated the boy who I believe never failed any other exams.

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  5. What a wise and compassionate teacher. Lovely story.

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  6. Kindness at the right time can pay dividends!

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  7. Wow we need such teachers 😍

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  8. I love yours stories, I hope one day I’ll get get to read one of your books.

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  10. Nice story

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  11. La gentilezza, la comprensione, il saper spiegare la vit, l’istruzione sono le migliori vie per andare avanti.
    Gli insegnanti possono fare molto in questo senso. E i genitori lo dovrebbero ancor di più.

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  12. This story touches my heart in a special way. Even in retirement, I sometimes think of some of my former students who needed a little extra grease to the wheel.

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  13. Amazing story. How a teacher can change people’s life.

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  14. The world needs teacher like her. I don’t know, but it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, an Indonesian movie titled Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops) (available on Netflix, anyway). It is a story about a small school that only had–if I’m not mistaken–ten students. Please check the movie if you have time. You’re gonna love it. 🙂

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