The real generosity|سخاوت واقعی

181st story

Sara was a waitress in a restaurant.

It has been a little while that her washing machine was broken, and she was saving money to buy a new one.

She was a single mother and had to work very hard to be able to cover their living costs.

One of the nights at the restaurant, Sara handed the menu to a couple with a smile. The couple said: “It is our anniversary tonight.

We have been laid off because of the economy, and looking for a job, so please bring us the cheapest food on the menu. We really can’t afford it, but it is a special night we couldn’t ignore it.”

Sara brought a bottle of champagne. The couple got worried; Sara shook her head and said: “Don’t worry about the price. Yes, I remember, the cheapest on the menu.”

Then Sara served two great dishes that didn’t look cheap. The couple had a great time keeping their happiness and storing it as a good memory. Sara then brought a piece of cake with a candle. The couple was shocked and their smiles grew deeper. They thanked Sara and asked for the bill.

Sara came back with the bill and said: “I paid for your restaurant bill as an anniversary gift if you don’t mind.”

The couple cried happy tears, thanked her and left. Sara’s colleagues reproved her of her stupid act: “You are a single mother, in need in many ways. You wash clothes with hands. You can’t afford a washing machine. You are crazy.”

Sara smiled and said: “It will take me a little longer to buy a washing machine, but it was worth seeing beautiful smiles on a special night for a couple.”

The next day some stranger called Sara and invited her to a famous TV show. When Sara asked the reporter the reason, he said: “A couple shared their restaurant bill that you paid on their social media sights. They mentioned your name and the place of your work. That story was shared millions of times since last night, and we would like to have an interview with you.”

When Sara went on TV, they gave her ten thousand dollars cheque and many other gifts, the coolest was a washing machine.

When Sara asked the host, he said: “Your friends told us about your saving and what you were going to buy with it. The real generosity is when you donate the money, that you saved for what you needed desperately, but you care to share it to someone in more needs.”

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  1. I wished it could somehow get true and more often through the world. 🤗🙏💖💖👍🎉

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  2. paid forward
    but check has no q

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  3. Wonderful story. Hope it’s based on something that really happened.

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  4. I loved your life lesson story, thank you for posting beautiful stories every Thursday morning.

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  5. 💙💙💙 Great story! Thanks, Laleh.

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  6. A beautiful tale of generosity!

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  7. So true, dear Laleh! We must remember this story especially at these dark days. Shukran! ❤💐

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  8. Dear Laleh
    You don’t need champagne to celebrate a love anniversary that is so tender as to stir the generous soul of a waitress with financial problems.
    the teaching of your beautiful story is that the generosity of the soul is (almost always) rewarded!

    Love ❤

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  9. The story inspire me to give more love and happiness to the people around me. The viral character of social media helps many people, still, I believe that Sara was happy and satisfied with her work without expecting so much response from social media.
    “ We can only give so much ”. Thank you so much for sharing my friend.

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  10. Such a compassionate heart of this waitress.

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  11. I am a big big fan of your writing. Every story touches my heart. This one really brought tears in my eyes. Love your writing! Thank you for writing.🙂

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  12. It is often the most in need who are the most generous. Good to see the woman rewarded

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  13. This story brought tears to my eyes. Not many selfless acts receive such public recognition or generate such immediate rewards. But they mean the world to those who are the recipients of their kindness. And God sees every last one. ❤

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  14. Be kind! The world need you more ❤️

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  15. La vera rinuncia è la pura generosità.
    Bella davvero ❤

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  16. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  17. What a beautiful story, Laleh! I wish my heart was that generous, but I’m afraid it isn’t. Lovely, inspiring story!

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  18. a truly inspirational story!

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  19. This story is so wholesome. It really shows that whatever good you do in this world it always finds a way back to you

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  20. Beautiful story, to be happy means make others happy. Seeing someone’s smile brings joy inside us.

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