Sometimes silence is the best answer|گاهی سکوت بهترین جواب است

183rd Story

Jack was riding his horse to get to the near town.

In the middle of the way, there was a rest area. He tightened his horse to the place with water and hay and sat on the outdoor table for some tea.

Another man came to the rest area riding a donkey. He tightened his donkey exactly beside Jack’s horse and sat near Jack.

Jack told him: “Don’t put your donkey beside my horse. My horse kicks any animal who wants to eat from its food.

The donkey rider didn’t pay attention and ordered a tea.

Jack’s horse didn’t like to share food, therefore kicked the donkey very badly that broke its leg. The donkey rider complained to Jack, and asked for compensation money. But Jack didn’t reply and stayed silent.

The donkey rider got angry and took Jack to the judge.

The judge asked: What is the problem?”

But still, Jack stayed quiet.

The donkey rider said: “This man’s horse kicked my donkey and I want recompense.

The judge asked the donkey rider: “Is this man mute?”

The donkey rider replied: “No, he talked to me before the incident!”

The judge asked: “What did he say?”

The donkey rider said: “He told me not to tighten my donkey beside his horse. His horse doesn’t like to share food, and will kick my donkey.”

The judge told Jack: “So that’s why you didn’t talk.”

Jack replied: “Sometimes it’s better to stay silent when it comes to foolish people.”

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  1. jack asson
    would agree
    taunted and the third degree from son tom aka simon lagree
    balaam s ass saw the angel
    and the pass
    and he went to balack
    and the zipor
    oh my
    oh me
    do you see?

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  2. Sweet story.

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  3. Your novels are so wonderful, Laleh! Hope i will find time reading “Soroosh” as soon as possible, in one day from beginning to the end. Have a wonderful day! Michael

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  4. Jack’s response to the judge is very coordinated to the nowadays world, yes sometimes silence is the best answer.

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  5. I like this story, the truth speaks itself. Thank you

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  6. ….. because to argue with a foolish is senseless.

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  7. Haha smart !
    Good one Laleh 🌺♥️

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  8. Aha! Amazing! Love it. Great lesson.

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  9. This is one of my favorites of your stories!

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  10. Wonderful story with an apt moral 🤓

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  11. Indeed,this is the best reply for foolish

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  12. Nice to read you after quite a long time 💛
    How are you doing there, Laleh?

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  13. Silence is my reply to ignorance.

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