Right-Hand Man|وزیردست راست

“185th story”

Once upon a time,

The king of a territory heard that two of his three ministers are careless, lazy and cheaters. The king wanted to find out which one, to keep for the king’s right-hand man and fire the other two.

The king called all his three ministers and gave them three big empty bags.

The king said: “Tomorrow you will go to my gardens and fill up your bags with excellent fresh fruits for me, without getting any help from others.”

The next day, three ministers went to the garden separately.

The first minister filled up the bag with best and fresh fruits from the garden.

The second minister thought to himself, the king would never eat fruits from this bag and picked fruits carelessly, some raw, some the wasted ones from the ground; and filled the sack.

The third minister filled up his bag with weeds, twigs, and dirt and knew that the king would never even open the bag.

The king sent three soldiers to arrest each minister and put them in jail separately for two weeks. And the only thing they had for those two weeks was their bags.

Then the king said: “My right-hand man will survive the two weeks with whatever is in his bag.”

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  1. Imagine a world where we all did things to/for others as if we were doing it to/for ourselves.

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  2. A beautiful story. Imagine a world where we all did things to/for others as if we were doing it to/for ourselves…

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  3. Clever king. Talk about the punishment fitting the crime…..

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  4. The king took a good revenge from his two bad ministers, thank you always for posting beautiful stories.

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  5. Three ministers reap what they sow. 👍🙏🙏🙏

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  6. Brilliant and amazing. Your stories have such a strong moral message. This one is too good.

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  7. Laleh, this storyline took me to a surprising finish. I am a mouse in corner of each cell of the two foolish men, and witnessing their emotionless expression upon seeing their respective bags . . . again!

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  8. Oh, what a clever fellow this king has been! 🙂
    Stay safe!

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  9. they reaped what they sowed

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  10. We get what we deserve! Many thanks for your alway thought-provoking stories!

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  11. Ah! This is a nice twist to end the story. I love the justice in this story

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  12. Thank you for sharing these stories. I share them with my students and they simply love it ❤️

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  13. A harsh but righteous punishment!

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  14. That was amazing😃. Think before you act.

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  15. nice story!

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  16. Heel leuk verhaal en het was een hele verstandige koning

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  17. Loved the story! Your stories are always morally thought provoking!
    Can’t thank you enough!

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  18. The moral? Everyday, becomes another heart test. Nice share!

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  19. La furbizia a volte non rende!

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