What did life teach us so far?|زندگی تاکنون به ما چه آموخته است؟

188th story

Stimulating research was running about;

 “What have you learned from life so far?”

The interesting answers were:

  • I shouldn’t have lived a day without saying “I Love You” to my wife. (61 years old)
  • I shouldn’t go to the supermarket when I am hungry. (38 years old)
  • Opening the juice box from the opposite side that says open from here, is more manageable. (54 years old)
  • Never walk on ice when your hands are in your pocket. (12 years old)
  • Two people can look at the same thing at the same time but understand two different meanings. (20 years old)
  • When my mother says “Let’s see” means “No.” (7 years old)
  • I can’t be dusting the album shelf, without looking at the pictures. (42 years old)
  • Most of the things I was worried about in my life never happened. (64 years old)
  • I do a job perfect when I love the job. (48 years old)
  • When my parents fight, I become scared. (5 years old)
  • When I am in a rush, always the person in front of me isn’t. (29 years old)
  • Most of the time that I need a vacation is when I am back from vacation. (38 years old)
  • Management’s definition; is creating a problem, then solve it and make an announcement. (34 years old)
  • If I want something I won’t get it; when I leave it; it comes to me. (29 years old)
  • I should try hard to pursue, but leave the result to God and don’t complain. (29 years old)
  • Every good thing in life is either against the law, married or makes you fat. (31 years old)
  • Fighting in life to pursue your dreams is beautiful. (27 years old)
  • Everyone is responsible for their actions, and I have to be a good person. (42 years old)
  • Everyone only thinks of themselves; our partners are important too. (35 years old)
  • To have something you never had, you have to do something you never did. (36 years old)
  • I haven’t learned anything yet; it’s so complicated. (34 years old)
  • I can’t have everything at the same time; sometimes money, love, and sometimes peace. (49 years old)
  • You should get to know people by their attitude, not their speech. People talk very well, but don’t live good at all. (25 years old)
  • People often run so fast to get to a better life; they don’t know that they passed it. (72 years old)

What did you learn from experience so far, share in the comment.

The field was singing the coldest wind through our souls.  Many kids were burning with fever.  Some of us fell and slept in the middle of that area forever.  We were holding our coughs, trying not to make any noise while passing through this open meadow when one of the older adults couldn’t take it and started to cough. Breathing heavy, he fell to the ground.  All of us started running.  In a second, artillery shells destroyed our unity and exploded between us, then machine gun shootings began.  They didn’t see us clearly in the dark, so they just sent a rain of bullets on us.  We were tired enough to give up and just die and rest in peace. This earth doesn’t seem to have any consensus on it, so why not die and finally be at peace? But I had to run for Lena, Lars, and so many more kids.

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  1. Reblogged this on Ned Hamson's Second Line View of the News and commented:

    Life lessons with a smile…

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  2. I recognize myself in this sentence :
    “Most of the things I was worried about in my life never happened”
    All the best sweet Laleh🌹

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  3. One of the most important things to keep you in shape through your life is always working. Beautiful subject, thanks for posting.

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  4. So many common sense answers but not necessarily common facts!

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  5. wow, all these were spot on correct

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  6. Everything eventually falls in place. Have patience.

    Beautiful post 👌

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  7. People often run so fast to get to a better life; they don’t know that they passed it. !
    Thanks Laleh !
    For you, new blogs here and there :
    Friendly kisses from Auvergne (France)

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  8. Reflect not on the past “what could have been, if…” Make the best for today, and tomorrow will be better.

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  9. ” Never walk on ice when your hands are in your pocket. (12 years old)”…potrei trasforarlo in un grande insegnamento, quasi una metafora.

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  10. As a transgender woman over 70 years of age, I wish I would have followed my true gender path years ago rather than try to live a lie as a man.
    Thanks for the thoughtful post!

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