The Diamond Ring|انگشتر الماس

“189th story”

Once upon a time;

There lived a wealthy woman. She owned a valuable diamond on a ring, inherited from her father.

One time she needed money and decided to sell the diamond ring. She advertised her decision, but no one had enough money to buy that expensive ring.

The news spread and reached to the minister. The minister was interested and invited the rich women to his place, to show the diamond ring, to him.

She accepted his invitation, and went to the minister’s house with the ring.

The minister said: “I don’t know the actual price of this diamond. Let me keep it and show it to the experts for a fair price, and then I will buy it from you.

The rich woman got happy and left the diamond ring with the minister.

The minister was an imposter fox. He ordered to take the diamond out of the ring, and make a fake glass precisely the same as the dimond, and put it on the ring.

The next visit, the rich woman went to the minister’s house.

The minister gave the ring to her and said: “Sorry, I can’t afford to buy your ring.”

The rich woman realized right away that the diamond is not hers but stayed quiet.

She went to see the king and told him the story.

The king said: “Leave it with me. He owes me a lot of money, and he is supposed to pay me back. He will come to me soon.”

After a few days the minister went to the king to pay his debt, so he gave the valuable diamond to the king.

The king said: “I will check the diamond’s value and will get back to you.”

The king gave the actual diamond back to the rich woman and got the false glass gem from her.

The king gave the glass gem to his advisor and said: “Give this back to the minister and tell him, I want money. I don’t need any diamond, I have too many.”

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  1. Your stories are all very motivating, and making positive mind. Thank you for this too. Have a nice rest of the week! Michael

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  2. Beautiful story. I am glad if there is some one bad in the kingdom, there is always some one good against it.

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  3. That’s how a king should be like… A really wise and fair man.

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  4. Well done. Kudos to the king👏👏👏👍

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  5. Glory to the king and you!!!!!❣️❣️

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  6. “What goes around, comes around!” Serves him right, doesn’t it? A wonderful story, Laleh. x

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  7. I am just in love with all the stories you post! Because of you Now I have plenty to share with my students. God bless you with a long life and may you keep filling this space with these wonderful stories ✨✨

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  8. Excellent story! What you give is what you get indeed.

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  9. I hope your books are doing well, Laleh. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day, my friend! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  10. E’ stato ripagato con la sua stessa moneta!!!! L’inganno.

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