Money or Wealth?|پول یا ثروت؟

“190th stories”

A very rich man sold all his possess and bought Gold bullion Bars.

He hid all the Gold bullion Bars in a very deep hole in the ground somewhere in his back yard.

For years he checked the Gold bullion Bars, and counted them over and over again.

One of his neighbours got suspicious and one day when the rich man wasn’t home, the neighbour dug the same spot, and found the Gold bullion Bars. The neighbour took them all without leaving a trace.

The next day when the rich guy went to count his Gold bullion Bars, as his everyday habit; saw the hole empty.

He started crying and screaming. The same neighbour showed up looking surprised and asked for the reason. The rich man told the neighbour how he put all his life savings in this hole, and now it’s all gone.

The neighbour said: “Put some bricks, the same amount as those Gold bullion Bars, in the hole and count them every day like you did for the past few years. There will be no difference, when you don’t use it.

Things will have value if you use them properly. There are many people in the world who have money, but they are not wealthy. And there are many others who are wealthy but they don’t have money. You think the real wealth is, being rich and having money?

True wealth is, having self-confidence, health, courage, creativity, having goals and plans, using your time in the best way, being positive and kind, not depending on money, generosity, conscience, self-examination, politeness, sympathetic heart and being thankful. These are all true wealth.

If you have a good life and you have enough money, why not use it for yourself, your family, and helping others. Generosity is like pruning branches; there will grow more out of each branch.

You have to remember that wealth is not what you have in your bank account. Your real wealth is what you share with others.”

And the neighbour gave all the Gold bullion Bars back to the rich man, and said: “I hope now you would use them correctly.”

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  1. What a beautiful interpretation of Esope’s miser. Thanks Leila !

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  2. You made my tears down..about wealth Tess is 101 true..

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  3. Great reminder! Thank you… lovely articulation!

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  4. In the middle of story, I thought why the neighbour was advising the rich man ,but when I got to the end , I found out what his reason was. Beautiful story thank you.

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  5. And the neighbour gave all the Gold bullion Bars back to the rich man, and said: “I hope now you would use them correctly…give them all back to me!!!”

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  6. a profound life teaching dear Laleh.
    I was just joking before❤

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  7. This is a great lesson, Laleh. It’s good to be reminded about what is truly important in life.

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  8. health
    and seldom doubt yaself

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  9. Oh wow, what a lesson this neighbor gave to this rich man. It’s truly a life lesson.

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  10. This is a very important thought, which is not understood anymore in our highly tecnologically productive world, concentrated on making money!!! Many thanks, Laleh:)

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  11. Our society is enamored of wealth. Yet Scripture teaches us that money is the root of evil. We will be held accountable for the talents w/ which God blessed us. To use them for our own advancement alone is as bad as burying them in the backyard.

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  12. Money, may make someone rich; but, can never give a heart wealth! Riches, not the same as Richness, to give a soul worth! 🙏🏽

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  13. Sagge parole!
    Spesso le ricchezze donano aridità invece che gioia.

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  14. Good story with wise massege,dear🌹

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  15. The presence of money changes us to want more and more and more. We forget the blessings of what we already have.

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  16. Interesting story..

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  17. Wow that’s a great story. Wealth is not just about being rich. Beautifully articulated.

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  18. The neighbor was a very kind man

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