Think Before You Ask|قبل از اینکه بپرسید فکر کنید

“191st story”

-Thomas saw James, after a while, in a park. They talked and tried to catch up.

James asked: “Where do you work and how much do you make?”

Thomas replied and said his job and salary.

James said: “That is very low! How do you live with that?”

After a little talking, they said their goodbyes, but that question ruined Thomas’ life.

Now he didn’t feel happy about his job. After a few weeks that he wasn’t productive enough at work, the company fired him and he lost his job. Before seeing James, Thomas was doing fine, had a job, and that salary was enough and manageable for him.

-A young lady gave birth to her child and the couple were thrilled and happy.

A friend came to visit her and asked: “What did your husband give you as a gift?”

The new mother said: “Nothing, just a bouquet of flower.”

The friend said: “That’s it? What a shame. It shows that he doesn’t care about you,”

When the husband came home from work, their life never was the same. Small fights started and lead to the big one and separation after a few years.

-A father was having a conversation with a friend and the friend asked: “How often your son visits you?”

The father said: “Now that he had to move to another town for work, he doesn’t have much time to visit.”

The friend said: “They always lie. They have enough time to come to visit but rather spend it with their friends.”

And that question ruined the father’s thought. He was fine and happy with his relationship with his son, but now he couldn’t stop thinking, why he doesn’t see his son more often.

These questions, as a curiosity, meddling, blabbing, interfering is called demon questions. We ask so many questions daily, which we shouldn’t.

-What happened to you? You look older than a few months ago.

-Why don’t you buy that?

-Why don’t you have…?

-Why your car is rusty?

-Why don’t you wear jewelry?

-How can you stand him\her?

-How can you let …?

-How ……, Why……., When……?

It might be just a conversation to us, but it can break others and change their life in the wrong way. We ruin each other’s lives. There is a saying that says; “Go blind in people’s home and come out deaf.”

Think before you ask.

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  1. Thank you for sharing another great fable, Laleh! Around here they also say: If you can’t say anything good, keep the other one to yourself. 😉 Have a beautiful rest of the week, and please stay save. Now the Indian virus strain is voyaging. If you hear how the virus is represented as human, you could believe that you are somewhere in ancient times, with the Greek gods . 😉 Michael

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  2. Excellent message. Thanks for writing this blog. Very true some conversations ruins the relationship. Well said. Go blind and come deaf. Useful words. ✌️👏👏👏👌

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  3. Beautiful life lesson story, we have to have a limit in our conversations, no one has any right to interfere into the other’s lives. We can talk about other’s lives if we could help them become happy. Thanks for posting these wonderful stories.

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  4. some on said so
    why the sunni and shia fiiight
    cos ali v muhammed
    why the sky
    why arab v jew
    all from father abraham
    and on and on
    your pal on and on john
    and his father gebran bou mehri
    ha ha ha

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  5. Oh so much sad stories.we should ask after thinking.our one word can spoil other’s life or mental peace.
    I give you many congratulation on your published books,dear Laleh!! You are amazing writer and story teller.your all stories are most interesting and inspiring me and all.❤

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  6. Amazing post! Thank you!

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  7. This is so true! Careless comments and interference in other peoples’ lives can cause such misery.
    Take care, Laleh. 🙂

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  8. Great post, Laleh. What others say to us can affect how we feel about ourselves or others but we have to learn not to give them that power.

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  9. For the exact reason you note about the futility of giving criticism, I tune out politics in my country today.

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  10. I hate small talks because of questions/comments like that. Some questions are really intrusive. Words can hurt. So please choose the words wisely. That’s what my Mom told me. If you don’t have anything nice to say, silence is better.

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  11. Always a great to read your inspring stories Laleh❣️

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  12. Such meddling opinions can ruin many
    families. Great stories with an even greater message.

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  13. Yes, I have someone who always like to tell me I live in extreme poverty.
    She is wrong though.. I have a mobile home I live in, an apartment at my office for my part-time job, a sailboat I owe no money on, an Amazing son with Autism who is my sunshine, a Lord who cherishes me, home care clients I enjoy helping, peace of mind…
    I am definitely not impoverished.
    I am rich beyond measure 🙏📖🥰

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  14. I love the message….. Now I know some of the exact demons questions. Anybody who dares to do that to me I would just block the words out of my head. The words are just gonna come through one ear and go out through the other ear. Have a blessed week👍💖

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  15. Ci vorrebbe innanzitutto riservatezza e rispetto e poi tanta educazione.

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