We Can Be Different|ما می توانیم متفاوت باشیم

“194th story”

People are truly different with each other;

-Some lock themselves in a room when the sky of their life becomes cloudy….

Silence, time, and loneliness is their only cure.

-Some like to be in a crowd. They like to laugh loud so they won’t hear their pain and problems. Not that they are careless, not at all, but their cure is this way.

-Some people scream their love for others, shout their pains and sadness. They are scared, and screech for help.

-Some pours everything inside them. If you dig deep inside them you won’t hear a world out of their mouth, everything spins in their minds, even if he/she is exploding out of problems, wouldn’t speak. Their thoughts are full of anxiety and blues. They are not dry or have a lack of feeling, they are just different.

-Some if fails a thousand of time, would start all over again and never gives up. They are more patient and have extremely high hopes.

-Some can’t even take the smallest problem; it breaks them in pieces and never can glue them back together. They give up with the first problematic situation. Not that they are weak, no, they are just different.

-Some are able to start a family in their 20s, but some can put it together in their 30s, or even 40s. Not that it’s too late or early, but they think differently.

-Some finds their happiness in dancing, singing, hiking, …..others in praying. None of it is wrong, but everyone reaches to happiness in their spirit, in a different way.

All of these was just to remind us,

If people around us think or act differently, their beliefs are dissimilar with ours, their priorities in life was something that seems nonsense to us, don’t dress like us, …..

Doesn’t mean they are bad people, no; they are just different.

This is the simplest way to understand each other, respect and love one another. STOP THE RACISIM.

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  1. Thank you very much, Laleh! Your stories are so well thought out, and so helpful. I sincerely wish you a nice rest of the week! Michael 🙂

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  2. as per neil finn quote people are like suns
    son tom
    wants me to behave
    i say screw you sonny
    it s still my money
    sorry little leila

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  3. Yes, I really would be that simple…
    Best wishes, dear Laleh, and stay safe. ❤

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  4. Just because some people are different doesn’t mean that they are bad. They’re unique and special in their own way. Great post, Laleh

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  5. Beautiful subject to be mentioned, thank you for posting it.

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  6. What a great piece! Thank you Laleh for sharing. I couldn’t agree more. We are all uniquely different in a beautiful way.

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  7. More pertinent each day. Thank you Laleh.

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  8. Great post and great message🙏

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  9. Yes everyone is unique, great post Laleh❣️.

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  10. This is an important message. Kindness to one another and an end to racism and intolerance is so important.

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  11. What a lovely message of equity in world of divisions.

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  12. I loved this wonderful reminder that it is OKAY to be who we are. We are all different and need to be accepting of this.

    For myself, it took me a while to understand that it’s alright that others think, act, do life differently than I do. In fact, it is perfect! If we all did the same and thought the same, it would be a boring world.
    Thank you, Laleh!! Hugz

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  13. Profound. Thankfully, God meets us wherever we are. ❤

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  14. This is an excellent blog post, Laleh! You’ve taken simple terms and images and woven them together into a lovely tapestry of how diverse and beautiful life is here on Earth. We are all different, but we are all the same. Yes! We all need to do everything and anything we can to STOP THE RACISM! Racism is preventing us from being all that we can be. Beautiful blog post, Laleh. Thank you for putting your thoughts into words for each of us to read and take to heart.

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  15. Yes! So true! I love this one, Laleh!

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  16. Nice way to present diversity on a deeper level.

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  17. It would be boring if all of us are the same, don’t you think 😛 But well… many people can’t accept that.

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  18. Indeed! It is really as simple as that. Each one of us is different. We need to accept the way we are, and the way others are.

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  19. La diversità è un arricchimento della società, la diversità va rispettata e accetata.

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