Be Like The Sea|مثل دریاباش

“196th story”

A boy was playing on the shore. He made a hole on the sand and watched waves washing it away.

Then he made another hole again and again. When he was finished his playing, and wanted to wear his sandals, he noticed that the waves have taken it. The boy wrote on the sands: “The thief SEA.”

Some other place in the world, a fisher man had a great day and caught many fish. He wrote on the sands: “The generous SEA.

A young man drowned in the sea and his mother wrote on the sand: “The murderer SEA.”

An old man found pearl in a shell he found and wrote on the sands: “The munificent SEA.”

The wind heard everything and told the sea: “What do you think about people’s comments?”

The sea washed all the writings away, and said: “Never care for other’s judgments, if you want to be the sea.”

Never feel sorry

for the past,

the things that broke,

the things you couldn’t do,

the things you weren’t able to fix,

the chances you didn’t take,

the things you couldn’t keep,

the desire life you couldn’t build,

the sores you couldn’t heal,

the tears you couldn’t wipe,

the hungers you couldn’t feed.

Be like the sea, but never let other’s judgments change who you truly are.

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  1. Thank you for another wonderful story, Laleh! Always very thought provoking, and mind changing. Have a beautiful day! xx Michael

    By the way: Now, i have reopen my blog, but with selfhosting. Our unadopted German GDPR does not allow the usage of’s Jetpack(R), and also of undefined cookies. So i am now at:, with “piece by piece reposting”. 😉 Maybe could make sense for better spreading the information. xx Michael

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  2. jimi castles made of sand
    wash into the sea eventually
    took the shell
    and heard the noise
    of the beach
    in a land locked state

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  3. Beautiful story,and I loved the last sentence: never let others judgments change who you are.

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  4. good advice from the eternal soul

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  5. Beautiful story, as always, but the nit-picker in me has to point out that the third image isn’t a sea at all, but rather Inle Lake in Myanmar.

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  6. Oh wow! Such powerful, motivating lines. Be like the sea, but never let other’s judgments change who you truly are. I loved this! That is something that we should all do.

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  7. The SEA knows what he is murmuring.

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  8. Wonderful short story .

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  9. Beautiful text, Laleh. I loved it. Thank you.

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  10. such a beautiful story in so few words Laleh.. love this💖

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  11. wonderful story leading to a great message! Thank you Laleh Chini!

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  12. Always an interesting tale, Laleh.

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  13. Encantadora reflexión. Un placer leer tu escrito. Un gran abrazo

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  14. I love your inspirational share. So full of wisdom!

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  15. This just made my day!! Such a delightful, intense and amazing piece!! The murderer Sea, the Thief sea, etc.. The Sea nonchalantly erased them away. Just how beautiful! It has meanings as deep as the ocean itself! Never let your past own your present. Just what a powerful way to put it across! Love this dearly ❤️

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  16. So meaningful! Thanks for sharing this story, Laleh 😀

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  17. Wow ..loved reading this.

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  18. Che bell’insegnamento!

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  19. Good advice
    It’s a pleasure to read your work

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