In need of job|نیازمند به کار

“67th story”

First published: Nov.29.2018

In the town square, many labourers were waiting. Men of different ages were hoping to be hired for some construction or garden work.



It really didn’t matter what the job was, as long as they could work for the day.


Sometimes, if they were lucky, they would continue working for weeks at the same place. Labours always gathered at the town square, as early as five in the morning.


Alee, Hames, and Jamel were three friends among the desperate labours. They were honest, kind, caring, and very hard working young men, who had no other choice but to find work this way to be able to pay the bills. The daily salary for a regular worker was 50 coins at those days.


That was good enough to pay the rent and buy food for their families if they could work at least six days a week. One morning felt very slow, just a few men were offered work, and the rest of the labours were left behind. Usually, if they were not picked up by six or seven in the morning, the chance of finding a job on that day was very low.


It was now eight in the morning when the three young men saw a truck coming towards them. Many men were still waiting in hopes of getting work for the day.


The truck owner said: “I need a few workers but I can only pay 30 coins to each.”

Everyone shouted out loud: “We are not stupid to work for 30 coins.”

Alee jumped up and said: “We three are young, but we work hard. We don’t mind getting 30 coins, at least we have a job for today.”

The truck owner said: “Wonderful, all of you three jump on the back of the truck.”


Alee, Hames, and Jamel jumped on to the back of the truck with a big smile on their faces, 30 coins was definitely better than nothing.

The truck driver drove for a while until they got to a big house under construction.

They jumped out of the truck and waited for the driver to tell them what they were supposed to do.


The truck driver shook their hands one by one, asked their names and said: “I am an engineer and the owner of this property, I am a builder. I needed someone to work for me for a long time, so I had to know who was more committed. That’s why I announced the 30 coins wage’s. But I will pay 50 coins every day and if you do a good job, you can always work for me so you wouldn’t have to go to the town square any more.”


Those three friends worked for the engineer for years and became experts in the field of their work, and grew to the higher levels in their profession.










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  1. I really loved reading this story. Commitment and hard work are two important ingredient for success and positive attitude of those three workers helped them.

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  2. Wow….. Y keep me on suspense 🤦🏽 was actually enjoying d story 😭

    Lol…..its a good one dear. Thanks for sharing ✌🏾

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  3. Wow, it’s an amazing story. 💖

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  4. WOW! Smart guys. Very clever indeed. Great writing. Great story!

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  5. So glad that sometimes the good guys win. Heartwarming story.

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  6. Dear Laleh thanks for sharing this beautiful story, I loved the way the three workers had their permanent job.

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  7. Wonderful story!! A great lesson to it!

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  8. Fantastic book. Thanks💗

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  9. What a wonderful story! Thank you.

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  10. Beautiful stories with perfect moral shared!! Often people fail to understand these basic and important points in life

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  11. Lovely story..if you are earnest you will earn well…

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  12. I just ordered your book. I should receive it soon. The Barnes and Noble by me did not carry it in stock, so I had to order it.

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  13. Lovely story, Laleh! Satisfying!

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  14. That was a touching story. Thank you.

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  15. Hi Laleh. Hard work usually (but not always) pays off. Have a great rest of the week.

    Neil S.

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  16. Namaste Laleh, how are you 🙂

    A clever little story – as is your signature style – reminding me of the phrase, ‘pride before a fall.’

    Hoping life is treating you well to leave you with a smile.

    Namaste 🙂


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  17. Wow what an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing

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  18. Those three definitely didn’t let pride getting into their way.

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  19. Love reading your stories Laleh!❤️💜

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  20. Good things come in small packages 🙂

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  21. Another inspirational story Laleh, you do them so well!

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  22. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  23. It’s never about the money, but the heart. God is looking for heart to bless, but few are willing to be grateful, for the little!

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  24. Nicely told Laleh, and who wouldn’t applaud the employer and the young men? I guess this method of hiring still continues in many places? It was common at one time in the Western world before the safety net of social benefits.

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  25. Climbing Over Grit – WOW!!! It was a very powerful read. I can’t believe all the things your mother endured, and yet still came out positive and loving. i just recommended it to someone else this morning. Thank yo for sharing such a powerful story of courage and triumph.

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  26. It took me two years to get established in a full-time job, so I can totally identify with the plight of the workers.

    minor edit: It should be labourer, not labours

    many [labourers] were waiting.
    [Labourers] always gathered there as early as five in the morning.

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  27. The engineer was very clever indeed. I loved this story, Laleh. Hard work and dedication pays off. Loved the message!

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  28. You are a fabulous writer..thanks for sharing.

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  29. I enjoyed this story. Such a good lesson for all of us. 😊

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  30. PS: I just ordered your book, I look forward to reading it.

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  31. A great story about motivation, hard work and the rewards that can come.

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