Shine in Her Eyes|درخشش چشمانش

“68th story”

First published: Dec.06.2018

The first year of the university had started and the young students were excited. Boys were looking carefully at the girls in hopes of finding their match. All the girls were beautiful but there was something different about Ranaa. Ranaa was the one simple girl that all the boys had their eyes on.


Months passed and between all the richest and most handsome boys, Ranaa chose the smart, quiet, and ordinary boy who always sat at the back of each class. The boy didn’t have much and could only take her for cheap sandwiches or Tuesday movies because tickets were half price.

Ranaa loved books and movies, so the boy bought her many used books because that’s all he could afford.


They would read and interpreted the books for hours on a bench beside a pond near their dorm.


There was always a special shine in Ranaa’s eyes which was a sign of love, happiness, and satisfaction, when he was beside him.


Many of her friends told her that she could find someone better, with more money. They said that he couldn’t make her happy in the future. But Ranaa loved him, she had a simple beautiful relationship that was all she needed.


One of Ranaa’s Professors was very young and loved her very much. The professor went to Ranaa’s father and asked for her hand in marriage.

Ranaa’s family was very poor, so their daughter marrying the professor was a great benefit to them as it would bring great changes to their future.


Ranaa married the Professor for her family’s sake. Years passed, one day her friends went to visit her. Ranaa had a beautiful house, a library full of new books, her kitchen, living room, swimming pool, and car all shined, but not her eyes.




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  1. A sad powerful ending. It really isn’t about things! Things can’t make your eyes shine!

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  2. Another wonderful story.🙏🙏❤

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  3. Another great story but, if Anna’s parents could care less about their own interests , Anna would still had shine in her eyes.

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  4. Absolutely beautiful Laleh you’re such a wonderful writer I read in awe the way you tell a story just amazing.❤️

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  5. Beautiful!! Speechless!! Short story said everything

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  6. I feel for Ranaa. I wish she had a choice.

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  7. such a sad story! You tell it so well. It looks like Raana and the ‘poor’ boy brought out the best in each other. It’s so hard to find someone that can do that for you. What a shame the parents interfered. I really am looking forward to reading your book. You write so well!

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  8. You are a great storyteller!!

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  9. An excellent story.

    I absolutely love the last sentence. ❤

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  10. This was a perfect short story to compliment your book!

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  11. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  12. Hello my friend,
    Today, I ordered your book from Amazon (Japan).
    I look forward to reading it ❤

    Best wishes always,
    Takami 🙂

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  13. This is a touching and sad story. The shine gone from her eyes, trapped in a realtionship devoid of love. But I think that this happens in life and the parents are not always the ones to blame. Once again a well written and engaging story Laleh.

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  14. Namaste Laleh, how are you? 🙂

    Ah indeed it is so: ‘only true Love will ever open a Rose to reveal the blush on her petals.’

    A delightful story, than you for sharing another tale.

    Brightest blessings – have a wonderful weekend.

    Namaste 🙂


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  15. Another masterpiece Laleh… love your stories.❤️💜

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  16. There must be a shine in her eyes

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  17. I feel heartbroken for all the Ranaas of the world because I know this is an ongoing problem in many cultures where girls are not valued. No, Ranaa’s eyes were not shining. The day of her marriage to the professor the shine went out.

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  18. cannot help but think of the poor boy who bought her used books.

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  19. You can have the best of everything, you can fill your house with the best the world has to offer. But if a heart doesn’t have love, that can fill your soul; your heart will never be full, or truly feel at home!

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  20. Nicely written Laleh, with echoes from the first part of COG which I’m reading with fascination.

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  21. Fascinating stories you tell. You are emotional and wise.

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  22. Sad but how many girls choose the poor boy and their love and after years the poor boy changed????? I am one of them … but the only good is my two children of him!!! Kisses Laleh!!!!!

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  23. Tragic. And brave. Let us not forget that she perhaps loved her family equally and chose a path that would bring them happiness.

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  24. Great post yet heartbreaking. Sacrificing a lifetime happiness for the sake of her family.

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  25. Oh, poor Raana. Materialistic things can’t bring you much joy

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  26. love for sale
    the sirens wail
    she married on bail
    the shadrah
    she recited
    the arabic
    for her
    why did she
    do that
    to be a victim
    a target?

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  27. such a beautiful story Laleh.. it’s what they do.. and to be revered in a sad way.. xo 💖

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  28. The less material we have in our lives – the more time to indulge into simple happiness. But modern technology, keeping updated, these days can we live without material things!! . . . what to say -. I am just glad I was not born in the internet age 🙂

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  29. such a simple style, thanks

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