The End of the Extortion|پایان اخاذی


“69th story”

First published: Dec.13.2018

Once upon a time, a man named Moza lived in a small town. Moza was a lazy unemployed person who had no one in this world except two friends who were as lazy as he was. Moza was tall and had a very thick moustache.



His job was to walk around and bully people, threat business owners and commit extortion. Years passed as he easily made a living out of racketeering. People were very afraid of the very dictator-like, Moza and his friends. Eventually, a new leader took over the town and put many forces in control.


A rapid spread of justice in the town gave people the courage to stop paying fees to Moza as they were no longer afraid of him. Moza and his two friends had to move to another town before all of their money ran out. After two hours of walking away from town, they decided to stop to eat and rest.


That’s when a group of bandits attacked the three hectors and robbed all their money, and left them poor. Moza and his friends continued walking until they finally arrived in the new town, thirsty and hungry.

They saw a restaurant and walked in, sat down and ordered many dishes on the menu.


They ate as much as they could and asked for the bill. The restaurant owner said: “Your bill will be 7 coins.”

Moza said: “Ok, I gave you a banknote worth 10 coins, now you have to give me 3 coins back.”

The owner said: “But you didn’t.”

Moza yelled.

The owner didn’t want any trouble in his restaurant so he gave Moza 3 coins.

The next day, Moza and his friends were walking around looking for an opportunity when they saw a crowd crying as they had lost a dear.


They joined the crowd, crying and going along with the funeral. There was a big feast after and they ate as much as they could.

On the third day, Moza had a great idea and told his friends: “Today, one of you has to play dead. Then the other two of us will tell people that we are not from this town and we need money to bury our friend.”

That ended up being a brilliant way for them to make a ton of easy money, so they decided to go to other towns each time and do the same. Both Moza’s friends played dead many times, so they refused and asked Moza to play dead at least once. They put Moza in the coffin and went around a town to collect money.


A very generous merchant told them that he would bury Moza with his own expenses. They don’t have to walk with the coffin to collect money. The two friends didn’t want to go to jail for their illegal activities, so they left the coffin with the merchant and ran away. Moza, who was in the coffin, didn’t have any idea what was going on. The merchant paid to dig a grave and put Moza, in the grave and buried him alive.



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  1. Oh wow! Moza the trickster got tricked himself.

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  2. A macabre and sinister story, I shouldn’t say brilliant, and yet it is. A lesson there, I believe. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. What goes around comes around !! Beautiful story shared

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  4. Beautiful story. I believe if we’re bad or good we would get the consequences in this world before we die.

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  5. the world is full of such people, unfortunately. Thanks for the well-written tale, Laleh.

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  6. Wonderful writing Laleh as always you had me gripped to my seat thank you for sharing your amazing gift.❤️

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  7. Poetic justice. It reminds me of the original Grimm fairy tales. A pointed moral!

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  8. What goes around comes around! Another intriguing story Laleh! I have to admit I smilied at the end!

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  9. Nice story and well narrated 🙂

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  10. OK, didn’t see that coming Laleh 🙂 Isn’t the bad one meant to see the error of his ways and become a good person?

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  11. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  12. Sooner or later, we must suffer the consequences of our crimes.

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  13. Oh, my! Valuable lesson. Great story, dear!

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  14. Wow! What a story, my friend! Looks like their days of fooling the innocent led to a dead end! One day, our acts will catch up with us. Really wonderful read, Laleh!

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  15. Ouch karma indeed … that would be an awful way to die!

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  16. We still have tricksters and scammers everywhere today. Unfortunately, most of them get away like Moza’s two companions.

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  17. Haha I guess he got what he deserved

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  18. Very Nice!! 😀

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  19. Moza paid for his own tricks

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  20. Ι missed you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Send you my love Laleh!!!!!!

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  21. This was rather a stiff punishment for tricking people: Death! This was quite shocking and bizarre, Laleh. Hope this teaches others to be honest and humble. You are a gifted story teller. 🎁🎖️

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  22. Be sure your sins will find you out.

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  23. Hahahaha, hunter turned hunted.

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  24. What goes around, comes around.

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  25. sin no win
    dull to the glory
    this was a story
    of fraud and brawn
    too dumb and numb
    to rearrange and change
    fa the better it seems

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  26. He got what he deserved in the end. I have a feeling that his friends won’t fare so well either.

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  27. Such good stories are worth many a read

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  28. Excellent, as usual. Trickery can rebound

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