Soroosh in Danish Language

My book Soroosh was published in Danish language by mellemgaard publisher.

Special thanks to Sabina Gabrielli Carrara.❤️

Categories: Short Story


  1. That’s great. Congratulations, Laleh 😊

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  2. So proud of you Laleh ❤🌺

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  3. Congratulations. You’ve also given me a hint of what Ortensia (her blog name) has been up to. 😉

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  4. That is very exciting indeed! Happy for you!! Hugz

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  5. Felicitaciones ❤

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  6. Laleh, congratulations! This is so exciting!

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  7. Congratulations! Great achievement. 😊🙏💛🏆🎉

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  8. congratulations laleh..god bless you dear..may all your dreams come true..

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