Heaven’s Entrance|ورودی بهشت

“94th story”

First published: June.06.2019



A man was riding on his horse and his dog was following them. The weather was cloudy, and getting darker.


Suddenly, a loud thunder stroked and killed the man, his horse, and dog.


The man didn’t notice that he died and continued riding with his two animals. The dark sky had turned into a beautiful blue one and stunning hills were along their way.


They all were getting tired and thirsty. On the way, he saw a huge gold-gated entrance with a golden floor and a beautiful fountain in the middle.


He looked at the guard and asked: “What is this beautiful place?”

The guard replied: “It’s heaven.”


He said: “Oh thank God, we are thirsty and tired.”

The guard said: “You can get in and drink water but I am very sorry, your dog and horse aren’t allowed to enter.”


He got very disappointed and said: “I would never drink water when I know my horse and dog are as thirsty as I am.”

He continued to walk elsewhere with his precious animals.

After a while, they got to a farm with an old entrance with a dirt path full of trees on both sides of the road.


He saw a man sleeping under a tree and his face was covered with a hat.

The rider asked politely: “Good day sir.  We are very thirsty, is there any water for me and my horse and dog?”


The man replied: “There is a fountain between those stones. Feel free to drink as much as you and your animals want.”

They drank water and came to thank the man.

The rider asked: “What is this place named?”

The man said: “Heaven.”

He said: “But there was a huge golden gate. They said it was heaven!!!”

The man replied: “That was hell.”

He said: “But they are abusing heaven’s name!”

The man said: “No, they are helping us realize those who care about animals and all creatures, and send them directly to heaven.”

“Paulo Coelho”

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  1. Very sweet fable. I agree, that a heaven that does not accept animals is not really a heaven.

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  2. Beautiful story with moral. Loved it.

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  3. A brilliant little story. But of course, we should have known it was hell if it was gated in gold.

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  4. I have always liked this parable. Never knew whose it was though. Thank you.

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  5. I loved the story and I believe that who ever take care of animals and help them would go to heaven.

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  6. Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    Lovely and wonderful ❤❤

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  7. love this story Laleh………God loves all creatures 🙂

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  8. We make our heaven…or hell 🙂

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  9. Thank you for visiting JanBeek and leaving your calling card so I could find you. I have heard this Heaven/Hell message before, but not as beautifully told as you just did. I want to check out your book. Thank you for attaching the link to it! Have a blessed day!

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  10. The most wonderful, inspiring story I’ve read today. Ma’am thank you so much for sharing this great story. 💝💝

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  11. Love it! Human life is not at the center of the universe, even if we act like it.

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  12. 💚💚💚

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  13. Another engrossing story, filled with the wisdom of the gods. We humans fool ourselves in thinking that this life is all about us.

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  14. Such a beautiful story. Thank you!

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  15. Hi Laleh, you must be getting tired of getting nominated, 😉 but I nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award.

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  16. Nice presentation,,

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  17. Wonderful!
    The way you distinguished between heaven & hell is amazing.
    Hell is for fulfilling your immidiate desires that makes you selfish. But heaven ask to you Walk on a just path and carrying each specie with you.

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  18. Chapeau a toi et Coelho

    shera 🌹

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  19. It certainly shows your true character in a situation like that if you truly care for man and animals, or whether selfish desires will override. x

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  20. What a beautiful story – ❤️

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  21. Love the story…nice message 😊❤

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  22. You look Japanese rather Iranian,, lol

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  23. 😀😀

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  24. Laleh we love your blog the fables and stories dive in to the simple wisdom not often found today and I admire your sincere curtesy in taking the time to respond to all of your commenters.

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  25. What a beautiful story… With a valuable lesson… Ma’am

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  26. Such a heart warming tale by Paulo Coelho! And the beautiful illustrations made it all the more interesting.
    This year in August I would be going to Book fare and will remember to get “Climbing Over Grit” from there.

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  27. Sweet take! I always enjoy your sharing of stories such as this. God cares for all of His creation.

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  28. Oooh, this so beautiful!

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  29. Bravo! You have a talent for using the simplest stories to teach profound lessons, Laleh. ❤

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  30. sole soul
    which who has it
    i know not
    shot to tell
    a dog died
    and we know why
    and we joke of his ghost
    cos we miss him
    and hate each other is why

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  31. This is a lovely story and of course I agree that those who love animals are the ones to find heaven even while they are here on earth. 💕

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  32. This is a marvellous and wise story. Thank you for sharing.

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  33. tender hearted message always Laleh!💖💖

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  34. Thanks for the lesson, Jesus warns us, that there will be lots of deception come the time of the new creation, stay blessed, amen

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  35. A very beautiful post inspiring reflection, Laleh.

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  36. This story inspires me to see again many of my beloved animals in the afterlife.

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