Wrong Part|قطعه موتوراشتباهی

“77th story”

First Published: Feb.07.2019

It was around 8 pm on a November night. Morgan was wearing Eliot’s clothes that were a few sizes bigger than him, sitting by a fireplace warming his cold body.


Eliot asked: “Now tell me, why did you throw yourself in the river in such a freezing night? You are a young man with a bright future ahead, why would you try to kill yourself? I was too old to jump into the river to save you.”


Morgan replied: “But I didn’t ask you to save me. I will do it again. How can I live when they will all die?”

Eliot asked: “Who will die?”

Morgan continued: “I put a wrong part in an airplane’s engine.


The plane will crash into the ocean. All the passengers and crew will die. Monica is the flight attendant on that flight. I was about to ask her to marry me.


Now I could never marry her. I am a murderer. I am responsible for nearly 400 lives. How can I stay alive to face this mistake of mine?”


Eliot asked: “Please, tell me everything. I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Morgan continued: “I am a mechanical engineer of airplanes and my responsibility is to check the plane’s engine before its take-off.


There was a spring in the engine that needed to be replaced, I did that. But after the plane left the airport I realized that part didn’t belong to that plane and it is too weak for that engine and it will break any minute or it can even cause a fire in the engine and the plane would crash eventually. How could I face the news?”


Eliot said: “I am so disappointed. You still have time to save them. How many engines does that plane have?”

Morgan said: “4!”

Eliot replied: “Well can’t they turn that specific engine off to save the plane?”


Morgan said: “But I don’t remember which engine had a problem.”

Eliot shouted: “Think harder.”

Morgan analyzed everything in his mind for a few minutes; and screamed: “It was engine 2, I am sure.”

Eliot called the airport and handed the phone to Morgan; “I am Morgan Cawret, ask plane 535 to turn off engine number 2 and I will explain later. I will be waiting for your update on this number.”

A few hours passed with stress and they called Morgan and informed him that the plane landed safely and they checked all the engines and nothing was wrong with any of them.


Morgan said: “Thank God.”

Eliot replied: “You can’t jump into a river when you see a problem in your life. You have to stay strong and try to solve it. Making a stupid mistake won’t solve anything. Be patient and think smart. Stay behind your mistakes bravely and figure out a way for it. This plane landed safely and yet your dead body could’ve been floating in the river.”

Dear friends; 

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  1. Very true words….Good inspirational story….
    Thank you Mam….

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  2. I always enjoy reading your well written stories. I’m glad nothing happened to that plain, good job 👏

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  3. Wow great story. Even greater lesson.

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  4. Absolutely wonderful! I needed this today, thank you.

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  5. Such an important message and valuable lesson, Laleh! Thank you for sharing! ❤

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  6. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  7. Dear Laleh, what an inspiring story, as usual from you

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  8. That is a great story – and so true. And that you do much for supporting my blog. I’m sorry it is so hard for me to be able to spend much time blogging. It is such a busy time. I’m trying not to crash in my own airplane!

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  9. Lovely positive way

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  10. Informative. Always face problems. Do not give up so easily. Very interesting.

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  11. I enjoyed this story a lot. It’s a great lesson!

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  12. Another pithy, instructive story with a wonderful lesson to learn. Good job.

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  13. Laleh, been wishing to ask if the stories here, are in your book – Climbing Over Grit?

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  14. Such excellent writing. A parable, I would say. The lesson clear and concise. The story is one that will stay in my memory because of the way you relayed it. Thank you so much for such an amazing post.

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  15. Many people behave in such a way that they are in danger. They escape from responsibility.

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  16. An excellent story with very valuable advice and a happy ending!

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  17. I am always interested in self uplifting stories such as this one. Thanks for checking out my blog. USFMAN

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  18. Bravo. This is great stuff here and a great community at that of supportive friends. Congratulations from S.D. 😁

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  19. As always, a moral to your story!

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  20. Another great life lesson and xmas gift! ❤️❤️❤️👏

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  21. Another wonderful story with a thought provoking message.

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  22. Such a wonderful story about facing trouble, and the relief and growth that occurs when we do. I can’t kill myself, because I want to see how it ends and not write the ending because I am no good at Greek Tragedy. 🙂

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  23. What a great lesson. Love the story. Thank you Laleh. 💜😀

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  24. Wow. What a powerful story and the valuable lesson it teaches. Don’t run from a problem, try and solve it as best you can while you still can.

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  25. There is always a way to correct a mistake, never give up ~ beautiful story and message.

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  26. Your story has a good point Laleh.

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  27. all well and good
    and is just as it should
    but you aint met son tom nor his doomsayin mom
    ode to joy
    save for her
    an ex
    with a vex
    ha ha ha!

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  28. Such a good story Laleh! I did not know how it would end .

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  29. Precious and wise! Eventually in life, we will reach our first moment with second thoughts about something. Laleh, as your story shares, life goes on (and who really wants to jump into freezing, cold water).

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