The Tv Interview|مصاحبه تلویزیونی

“81st story”

First Published: March.07.2019

A very rich and famous person was invited to an important TV interview. The host asked many questions about how he started and how he got to where he was, right now.


The last question was: “What would you say made you feel the most fortunate and blessed over the years?”

The guest replied: “I passed four stages in my life to finally find true prosperity:

At first, I thought wealth would make me happy, but that wasn’t the only solution.


Next, I started to collect valuables but that gave me temporary happiness.


Third, I started to take on huge projects, buying properties, yet I still didn’t feel happy deep inside.


One day, when I was telling one of my friends about my feelings he suggested for me to buy hundreds of new wheelchairs for the “Disabled Children Charity” that he was a part of. That wasn’t hard for me at all, I agreed without hesitation.


My friend said: “Your donation would be more meaningful if you come and give the gifts to these kids yourself, and see their reactions when they receive their new wheelchairs.”


I accepted his offer and we set a date to meet the kids.

At the charity, I saw true happiness in the children’s faces when they sat on their new wheelchairs which were very beautiful to see. However, what made me feel fortunate and  deeply happy in my life was when one of the children in their wheelchair grabbed my pants to capture my attention so I asked: “Is there anything you need?”


He said: “I want to take a mental image of your face so that when I go to heaven one day, I’ll be able to recognize you in front of God, thank you one more time.”


Dear friends; 

Don’t forget to read my books.<3<3<3



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  1. What a heartwarming lovely read, dear! ❤️

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  2. Hi Laleh, too bad there aren’t more people in real life who have the same realization.

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  3. I enjoyed reading this story, well done. Great writing, specially the last sentence, “when I go to heaven one day I will be able to recognize you in front of God.”

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  4. Heart-warming story, Laleh!! 👍

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  5. Amazing story with beautiful moral imparted

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  6. Wonderful and very moving story.

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  7. Incredibly wonderful! Thank you.

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  8. Oh my! I gasped aloud at the end. Tears came to my eyes. Thank you Laleh.

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  9. Such a heart and soul soothing story. Thank you dear Laleh

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  10. Wonderful post my Laleh!!!!!!!! Happy Women’s Day in my mind is your mother and your sister and of course YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. True.
    We get satisfaction only when we contribute to the need
    Awesome story

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  12. So soothing to read this awesome story..

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  13. Lovely and heartwarming story, Laleh. Thanks for sharing it.

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  14. What a mature child that could say that. The disease changes us, children grow up quickly

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  15. Doing good brings happiness !

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  16. A very insightful lesson, especially at this time of year.

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  17. What a lovely story Laleh ❤️

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  18. I must have missed this salutary story first time round.

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  19. Children a so sweet.
    Thank,you Laleh 🌹

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  20. a quality example
    of why one should not be self absorbed!

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  21. Heartwarming! When we give, we receive so much more in return.

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