It is our responsibility to care for our nation|مسئولیت ما مراقبت از ملت ما است

“84th story”

First published: Mar.28.2019



The king of a small territory came across a huge conflict in the treasury. He had to come up with a plan or soon he would lose his power and wealth. He told his Minister: “I have a plan. Announce to the people that the government will buy their camels for 10 gold coins.”


The Minister said: “We don’t need camels. The price of a camel is 5 coins; why should we pay more? And we can’t risk what is left of the money.”


The king replied: “Just trust my idea and do it.”

The government announced the news and some people got very excited about the double profit and sold their camels to the government.


The following week king said: “Now announce that we buy camels for 30 gold coins.”

The Minister didn’t like the king’s idea but he couldn’t argue.


Many people sold their camels and the ones who lost 20 coins for each camel suffered from regret.


In a few months, the government raised the price of a camel to 80 gold coins and there weren’t many camels left for people to sell because the king owned them all already.


The king said: “Now tell people that the government will buy their camels for 100 coins soon and sell all our camels for 90 coins to them, but don’t let them know it is from the government.”


The manipulated, greedy people bought their own camels for 90 coins in covetousness of selling it to the government for 100 gold coins.”

The king sold all the camels with an unbelievable revenue, his treasury was full again and his mightiness was back.


Then he announced: “There have been some private scams in the speculations of camels. The market is losing its control. We will not be purchasing any camels in order to control the inflammation of the marketplace. It is our responsibility to care for our nation.”

Does this story not sound familiar?!

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  1. Ah, the power of manipulation….

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  2. Beautiful story, I enjoyed it.
    Specially the last sentence! Yes it is familiar.

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  3. Most stories do! We never change, for all our gizmos.

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  4. A clever ruler, I must say!! 😀
    The ‘Ship of the desert’ in many Avatars!!

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  5. Thanks for sharing!… I am afraid it is the same world over…. 🙂

    “Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, absolute power attracts the corruptible.” ― Frank Herbert

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  6. 😊❤😀Thank you so much for following my site!😍God bless you!!!💕

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  7. Thank you so much Madam for the lovely post.

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  8. Amazing!!!Amazinngg!I love this!!!

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  9. Looks fabulous ❤️

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  10. Beautiful story, I enjoyed it! 🙂

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  11. Loved this story.

    (Laleh, my blog is now private, pleaseclick on it to get access if you want to go on reading me. Hope to see you there).

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  12. Not only a familiar story,, but a probable story too.

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  13. Sounds all too familiar, Laleh.

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  14. I love the morality of your tales!

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  15. Ah, these human characteristics, always the same.

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  16. Very interesting. Many governments still do the same

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  17. Unfortunately, this does sound familiar. A nice parable!

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  18. What a great tale Laleh !

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  19. Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    the old but still current story. the stock exchange (speculation) in the middle ages ☺ 😏 wonderful 🙏 💖

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  20. Wow this is an excellent story

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  21. I always love your stories – they have a moral – greed never helps

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  22. What a wonderful story… Clever King.. There’s deeper meaning in greed..

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  23. So familiar with camels or without them …it is so familiar ….

    Love you and your stories!!!! Kisses!!!!

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  24. Great!!! Wonderful images of camels too. Love them! Michael

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  25. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  26. I knew where this was going from the first paragraph or two, hahaha. I love fables where people get wrecked.

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  27. Excellent story…and it sounds so similar to what’s happening nowadays…

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  28. Good work 🤝

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  29. Yes, Dutch government 🙂

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  30. Wow this is too good, I absolutely relate to it. The goods and treasures have changed, the means of transactions have changed, but the story very much happens at different corners of the world even today.

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  31. The story is very interesting, at least I can take a lesson from this paper

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  32. joseph dreamer youngest
    lord s will
    success from slavery

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  33. Seems like a scam any government would pull. Clever story

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  34. wow Laleh. Great story sadly told and true my friend!💖

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  35. Laleh, your stories entertain, but the lessons being taught are immeasurable. The ending speaks much truth.

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