It’s not time to spend yet|هنوز وقت خرج کردن نیست

“104th story”

First published: Aug.15.2019


A very rich man didn’t enjoy a great life in terms of spending his money. He didn’t spend any money on himself, his wife, clothes, vacations, restaurants or even donate to charity. He only liked to put money in the bank in a joint account with his wife.


His wife was always complaining but her rich husband’s answer was always the same: “There will be enough time to waste the money, now that I am young, I want to collect money. Who will take care of us in our old days?”


Years passed and life was always very hard for the wife but she loved him enough to stay patient and just live an average life, even though they were very wealthy.


They got older and the rich man became sick. Doctors told him that he didn’t have much time and that he should enjoy the remaining of the short period time, of his life.

His wife complained again and said: “Now it’s time to go around the world with this money and enjoy our last months of being together by making great memories that will last.”


But he couldn’t spend his money.

She asked: “What was the purpose of working and collecting all these wealth? What are you going to do with all of these fortunes if you are not going to spend a penny of it?”


He replied: “I am going to write my will after all the properties get transformed into cash. You have been a great wife for all these years so I am leaving you this house and a quarter of all my cash.”


“What are you going to do with the remaining three-quarters of the money?” She asked. He replied: “I would like you to burry them with me please.”

The rich man died and at his funeral, his wife wrote a cheque for the amount of the three-quarters of the cash and left it in her husband’s coffin.”

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  1. She did the right thing at the end and she probably have had spent good amount of money before she died , stupid guy.

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  2. very good moral to that story, thank you for sharing.

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  3. This had me bursting into laughter …. smart woman, I should say! You grabbed my attention Laleh! 🙂

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  4. Superbly brilliant! You write simple but it has a great message… I know so many close to me leading the very life… Rather some now so old and so sick that even if they want to do something … They can’t! Life’s made them helpless … Worthless …really! I hope people get the deeper message and make changes if it’s one one of them 🌸

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  5. “his wife wrote a cheque for the amount of the three-quarters of the cash and left it in her husband’s coffin.” 😀 😀
    She was clever!!!

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  6. Money can sure make people strange, can it not? He married a very intelligent woman. Enjoyed this story very much, thank you.

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  7. Wasn’t he from ancient Egypt?😄😄🙏❤

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  8. Wow! She did the right thing 😂

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  9. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  10. 🤝🤔

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  11. Clever woman!

    But really, what IS the use of money if it is not used for something?

    You spin thought provoking yarns, Laleh.

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  12. There are wise wives, I like this story, thank you.

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  13. I hope she went out did all the things she thought about doing for years! 🙂

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  14. thnx 2 like my post. n v diff writing good luck

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  15. Haha he will spend it in the underworld

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  16. Oh.that poor rich man.amazing story.

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  17. This was an amusing story, Laleh. Usually, people who are this stingy were once touched by poverty at some time in their lives. I admire your prowess at storytelling, and its commentary on real life.

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  18. What a waste! Money well spent when we are alive can never be equal to that which is spent after we die. Great story

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  19. miser sadly not wiser
    spend ya geld
    and not in your hand upon death held

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  20. Another very entertaining story, Laleh!

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  21. This story provokes reflection. It teaches that it is not worth being greedy and that money is there to make life better. I will try to post this story on my blog if you please.

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  22. This is wonderful!!! Thank You, Laleh!!! And CONGRATULATIONS again on all of Your books! Your body of work grows so steadily!!! WOW! Rock on!!! 🤗💕😊

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  23. Dig him up and distribute that money to the poor.

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