How I Learned The Word “MONSOON”| رایاد گرفتم”MONSOON”چگونه کلمه ی

“58th story”

First Published: Sep.27.2018

Story by: Laleh Chini

We once had a family vacation to LA, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon.


We flew from Toronto to LA and rented a car for a family road trip to see as much as we can of these great places.


After a few days of being in LA, it was time to see the Grand Canyon. To see the Grand Canyon, we made sure to find a famous view, so we had to drive more than 6 hours to get there. We left in the morning and got there around 4-5 in the afternoon. We parked the car and there was quite a long walk towards the mysterious, stunning Grand Canyon.


When we finally got there, the view was absolutely breathtaking.


There on the other side of the Canyon very far from us, the sky was very dark which seemed like there was a thunder storm going on.


We were mesmerized by the attractive view for a while before we realized all those black clouds were now on top of our heads in the sky. Everything suddenly became dark and scary. In a split second, it started raining just like a shower.


Well, of course, we were no stranger to heavy rain from Toronto, but there were little hails hitting everyone and those little hails started to grow bigger and bigger very fast. The rain droplets were very heavy, fast and felt sharp against the skin. At first, everyone was sheltering under guideline stations, but there wasn’t enough roof for the crowd.


We decided to go to the car. My husband held my hand and my son held his sister’s hand, we counted to three and started running towards the parking lot which wasn’t close at all. The hail was big stones coming from the sky. It was very hard to see in front of us; those stones were hitting our faces, heads and were very painful. We were soaked in water and were blindly following other people. It was hard to figure out which direction to go to find the car. It felt like resurrection day, the way they show it in movies or end of the world movies, but this time it was real. We all finally got to the parking lot but it took a lot of running back and forth to finally locate the car.


As soon as we got to the car, we started to drive towards Los Vegas while the stones were hitting the vehicle and leaving marks for remembrance, good thing we had full coverage insurance on the rental car.

That day, we all learned what a Monsoon really was and when is its season. I will definitely keep that in mind for the next Grand Canyon trip.

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  1. wow! its so beautiful, I wish I can go there and enjoy the nature beauty

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  2. Beautiful story and I love the way you put the words together for instance, the rain droplets were very heavy, fast and felt sharp against the skin.

    Liked by 6 people

  3. To go from such a gorgeous view to that… definitely would have felt like resurrection-day! I’ve never experienced a monsoon like that. Quite scary when you think it can leave an imprint on a car! x

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Beautiful! I grew up in a town where it would rain for more than 5 months! The long monsoon season of India!

    Liked by 4 people

  5. These experiences seems to be a “must have” and a great surprise visiting the Grand Canyon. But i have to say that Monsoon i located more in the asia region. Good story indeed. Thank you very much, and have a great start into the weekend. Michael

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  6. And the images are wooooonderful. Thank you for also sharing them with us. Michael

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  7. Immersive and quite descriptive. I actually started visualizing myself in the hail storm 😛 .

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  8. So sorry your trip to the Grand Canyon ended so horribly.

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  9. Beautiful scenery! I didn’t know there were monsoons in the U.S. Wow

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  10. Nice post Laleh, I’ve been throw a lot of monsoon’s like that the hall stones can be as big as golf balls and hurt bad.


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  11. What an experience for all of you. But you should go back to Grand Canyon, it has god’s views of nature.

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  12. Nicely said! Lessons comes in many forms, life is a teacher. If our hearts are willing to learn; God shows up, to show us His splendor! God bless!

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  13. Hello, fellow Canadian! I learned two things from this: (1) that there are monsoons in Arizona (who would’ve thought!?) and (2) that I would have no idea what to do in a monsoon.

    Congrats on the book!

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  14. I absolutely love storms, weird I know. Thank you for sharing Laleh💜

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  15. Every entry you make is full of emotions and interesting. Thank you

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  16. Beautiful pics. I bet you would have paid more attention to the weather after that!

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  17. What an experience to be caught in a hail storm like that. It would make an unforgettable holiday.

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  18. Wow, those pictures are really great!
    I’m sorry that your holiday end up so soon.

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  19. Wonderful sharing. As I understand it, the Grand Canyon was actually carved-out in 300 years, much faster than the millions of years they once believed.

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  20. A very well told story, Laleh! Thank you for sharing it. For some lucky reason, I have never been caught unsheltered in a hail storm. I can’t think of any reason beyond chance that I haven’t — they are quite common here.

    About a month ago, we had one — it must have been the worst in years — that in some locations dropped softball size hail. I didn’t know before it happened that hail could grow that large. Five animals at the zoo were killed and numerous people around town were injured. I don’t recall now if the forecast predicted it, or if it was totally unexpected.

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  21. Yes, I have lived the monsoon of the Southwest U.S., for 26 years, continuously, and for nine years in the period, 1979-86.

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  22. You write very interestingly

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  23. Yes, we don’t get tons of rain in much of the Southwest but when the monsoon hits here in Arizona, you definitely know it!

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  24. Beautiful story and images of your trip, Laleh.

    Every image ever taken of the Grand Canyon fails to show how it literally takes your breath.

    I told my wife while we standing there on the edge of the rim, “I could take a thousand pics and not one will show how it took my breath.”

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  25. You won’t forget this experience in a hurry.

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  26. SEE goubran go
    so you know
    maronite right
    is outta sight

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  27. One of these stories that your family will tell again and again!

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  28. love the Grand Canyon and your story Laleh! 💖

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  29. Flash floods like this one have been an uncommon occurrence in the arid west in our travels but when they happen, it’s been for us quite a life changing experience. Is there a moral to write a fable about there?

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  30. A great experience. Thanks for sharing.

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