Let’s walk with one another

198th story

Once upon a time, there was a very religious man who was devoted to long praying and fasting, talking to God in the middle of the night till sunrise.

He never missed one moment of his life without imploring to the threshold of the almighty, and always begged God to come to visit him.

After a while, he had a dream that if you want to meet God go to the Copper Bazaar tomorrow in the afternoon.

The prayer of our story went to the Copper Bazaar happily the next day and paid careful attention to find God.

An old weak woman drew his attention in the Bazaar. The old woman was carrying a huge heavy copper pot on her head and went to each store to sell her pot.

The prayer followed her. Most of the stores wanted to pay four gold coins for the pot, but the old woman begged for six coins and they said it was not worth that much.

For a few hours walking with that heavy pot and trying to sell, the old woman was tired and disappointed when she walked to the last store, while our prayer of the story was secretly following her.

The old woman asked the store owner to please buy my pot for six coins.

The curious owner asked: “Why do you insist to receive six coins?”

The old woman said: “My son is sick and the cost of his medicine for one month is six gold coins, I need this money to be able to help him.”

The owner said: “This copper pot looks brand new.” Then reached his box and gave the old woman twenty-five golden coins, and continued: “Go home and take care of your son. I will pray for his health too.”

The old woman kept screaming out of happiness: “Are you sure?”

And left the store very joyful.

The prayer of our story was surprised by the store owner’s stupidity. He couldn’t stay quiet and went to the store owner and asked: “I was watching this woman for hours. Her pot worthen only four coins, why did you buy it for twenty-five coins?”

The store owner replied: “I didn’t buy her copper pot. I bought her son’s prescription, her time to spend with her son and, not to walk in the Bazaar to sell her belongings, at least for a month.

God comes to visit me often; The old woman was sent from God I just had to see her need and pain and help her. We don’t just get close to God by preaching and praying, we have to hold each other’s hands and don’t let anyone walk alone, tired and broken.”

The prayer of our story said: “I am so ashamed that for hours God was trying to show me he is everywhere and I was blind.”

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  1. A wonderful story with a wise ending. Nicely told.

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  2. What a moving story Laleh.

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  3. Beautiful story Laleh! God gives us such opportunities to help the needy, the question is whether we are wise enough to know and act upon them…

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  4. God is all in all creator of our universe.

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  5. Such a beautiful post, Laleh! ❤

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  6. This is a beautiful story, Laleh. I love how the last store owner explained what he was buying with the 25 gold coins. This is a great lesson for me.

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  7. Lovely story – thanks for sharing.

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  8. I love this story. It has brought a smile to my evening!

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  9. such a heartfelt story Laleh. I love this one! 💖💖

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  10. Lovely. I look forward to your posts!

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  11. It’s one matter to pray for oneself and another to reach out and share your spiritual passions.

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  12. Quello che ho sempre pensato è che pregare è importante, ma poi ci vogliono i fatti!
    La tua storia me lo conferma ❤

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  13. What a powerful message, Laleh! Thank you so much!!

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