Hay’s thief|دزد کاه

“115th story”

First published: Oct.31.2019


A man stole thousands of gold coins from the town’s treasury. They caught him and arrested him.

Another man who took a pile of hay for his hungry cow was also; arrested.


They took both thieves to the judge. After careful verification, the judge read the verdict. The man who stole gold coins from the town’s treasury was sent free by the judge, but the man who took hay was convicted to jail for one year.


The hay Taker was surprised by the verdict; he didn’t mind the judge decided to put him in jail for a year, maybe he did deserve it. He didn’t understand why the gold thief was sent free.


The hay Taker tried so hard to find out, but no one had an answer for that.

One day when he was in jail, he was explaining to the jailer the reason for him being in prison. And the hay Taker told that at the same time, there was a thief of the gold coins who was sent free by the judge.


The jailer laughed very hard.

The hay Taker asked: “What’s so funny about that?”

pot-of-gold-2130425__340 (1)

The jailer said: “You are in jail because the judge couldn’t eat hay. The gold coin was valuable enough to buy the judge. I guess next time you have to be smart, about what to steal. You are living in an unfair world.”



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  1. Interesting and relevant too.Enjoyed it .Thanks a lot madam for sharing. 👍

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  2. Hay’s Thief. Wow! Sad truth but told so well.

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  3. Sad, but true. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Oh, that’s a tale to remember. Though I’m not sure I’d say *the moral of the tale*:)

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  5. Beautiful story and I loved the last sentence that says “you are living in an unfair world.”

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  6. Sadly, this rings very true!

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  7. Ain’t that the sad truth… I enjoyed this story!

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  8. Gold coin can buy the judge…that is how the world works!! 😀

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  9. And isn’t that the truth in this world? Money wins. How sad!

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  10. An unfair world indeed! Hay, that was a nice story!

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  11. the bold truth told in such a sweet and simple story…….super well done!

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  12. Hard hitting truth of the world.

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  13. It is sad how true this fable is!

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  14. Un’attuale verità purtroppo!

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  15. There is a lot of injustice in the world. Everything should be greedy, human greed. There is still not enough for man, so he gives unfair sentences. He is not ashamed of his greed, he has no moral standards to tell him he is doing wrong.
    best regards

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  16. Habe mir das Geschriebene von Dir noch einmal alles gelesen. Gut geschrieben. Freundliche Grüsse. Wolfgang

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  17. In der Schule i loved to read short stories in english.
    The are like mathematical formulas.
    So are yours
    Dankeschön für die Rätsel der Welten
    Thank You for the mysteries of the worlds

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  18. Ohh, we live in a cynical world. Thank you for following me. ❤

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  19. peter and paul on line three something about savak. ewwwwwwwwwww

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  20. Sounds like a story from my country

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  21. Another treasured piece my clever friend Laleh!

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  22. A story with a different twist on what’s fair. I guess for a few select thieves, crime just might pay one’s way to freedom . . . when money talks! Laleh, thanks for sharing another story with an ending filled with a surprise. Sometimes life’s circumstances don’t appear as we think.

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