Flat Tire|لاستیک پنچر

“116th story”

First  Published: Nov.07.2019

The students of a university were getting ready for an important exam. Everyone was studying very hard.


There were four friends, and these four friends just liked to have fun and party. They didn’t study at all for that exam and partied, up to five in the morning.


The exam started at eight in the morning, and the four lazy friends showed up at nine. They walked into the class with a messy look and dirty suits.


One of the boys told the professor: “We were at a wedding last night. The ceremony was in a town far from here.


After the party finished, we had to drive back, but we got a flat tire and had no spare tire.


We had to call for help, and now that we are exhausted, we probably can’t focus and get good grades. We were wondering if you could give us another chance?”


The professor understood and kindly set the exam date only for them in the next week, the same day and hour.

The four students were thrilled that their plan worked. They promised themselves to study hard for the exam this time.


The next week came, all four students were in the class sharp at eight and ready for the hardest exam.

The professor came in and said: “Because this exam is only for you four, I have to ask you to sit in four separate rooms and do the exam.”


The four students didn’t mind, they studied very hard, and they were ready.

The professor had prepared four rooms and four helpers to watch them.

When the four students turned the question page, there were only four questions:


  • What were the groom and bride’s names?
  • In what town the wedding was attended?
  • Which tire was flat?
  • Who came to help with the flat tire?



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  1. Smart exam board.

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  2. Love this!!

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  3. Very clever professor. Like the ending.

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  4. What I have learned from this beautiful story is that we can not live with lies, professional professor.

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  5. Fantastic! Very cute story lovely friend, thank you 🤗👍❤

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  6. That is fantastic. I am chuckling. I shall probably continue to chuckle for the rest of the day 🙂

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  7. No doubt story is a vagabond 😍😍
    When I read this story in Urdu the question paper had only one question, ” which tyre got flat” but here it had three more interesting questions that created more interest 😃😃
    Loved it 🤗🤗

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  8. Laleh, what a beautifully creative and powerful message, filled with wisdom. The Professor gave them another chance. The truth is now revealed in the test.

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  9. The wise and clever professor simply cleared up these young people’s lies. Brilliant entry. Will you let me modify it and put it on my blog?
    best regards

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  10. In India too we call that panchar

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  11. Proofs, that one can not get away with a lie.

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  12. Hahahah that’s such a ‘gotcha’ moment! 😂

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  13. Loved the story, Laleh, and did not guess the ending.

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  14. What a good story! Clever professor 🙂

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  15. Life is a constant test, and how you approach it each day; will help share your heart and mind! A lovely share, God bless!

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  16. Love the smartness of the professor…good way to get the truth

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  17. This was a great ending, had me smiling.

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  18. Il professore la sa lunga! 😀

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  19. I think the students learned a very valuable lesson! 🙂

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  20. I am smiling and laughing. The professor is definitely wise and way ahead of these four students.

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  21. A wise experienced teacher.
      Laleh I am going to Your homeland in March for a trip to Iran. I’m excited

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  22. My trip from Warsaw is called the Royal Road to the Temples of Fire. We visit Tehran, Suzy, and other centers of Mesopotamia, Bishapur, Shiraz, Narandżan, Karim Khan Fortress, Hafez Mausoleum, Persepolis, Naksh-e Rostam, Atishkade, Doulat Abad Gardens, Salt Desert, Charanak, Chak-Chak, Mejbod, Isan, Isan Ali minaret .. and many more. The whole will take 11 days. I’m very excited. Greetings. Basia from Gdańsk

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  23. Good one. In the version I have heard earlier, there was only one question: Which tire was flat?

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  24. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    BUSTED!!!!!!!! 😀

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  25. Reblogged this on The Writing Life and commented:
    thanks for the ‘like’ and all the best with your writing, Laleh
    “Waking up sleepy-head” c

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  26. Great post! 😂😂😂
    Thanks a lot for making me laugh!
    Hugs from Italy, Laleh 💚

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  27. Good thinking
    Smart professor

    Kind regards,

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  28. Wasn’t expecting that twist.

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  29. Professors tend to know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to irresponsible students. I was one of those for sure.

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  30. I love this one, Laleh. Of course, I love all your stories.

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  31. Wow.Intresting story.those four boys were able to this type exam.smartly written,dear Laleh!!Weldon.🌺🙏🌺🙏🌺🙏🌺

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  32. And again,I congratule you on publishing you book👍🌺✌️🌺✌️🌺👍🌺with love.

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  33. great story, smart professor! 💖💖🌹

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