Humanitarian|انسان دوستانه

“124th story”

First published: Jan.02.2020

There was a seminar regarding humanitarian. A very famous professor was supposed to give a speech, and many people attended the conference.


When people walked in one by one, they received a balloon. The welcomers asked the crowd to write their names on their balloon and leave it in a room beside the salon and then take a seat and wait for the professor’s speech.

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The professor came to the podium and asked the audience: “Please, go to the room with the balloons and find your balloon and bring it back to the seminar. You only have five minutes.”


The crowd went crazy; everyone ran into the smaller room with hundreds of balloons and tried so hard to find their balloon in such a short time. People pushed each other; some fell, some balloons burst; It was madness.


The short five minutes passed, and the crowd came back to the conference room empty-handed; Not even one person found the balloon with their name on it.


The professor said: “Please, go back to the room of balloons, but this time when you pick up a balloon, call the person’s name and give it to them. You have five minutes.”

The crowd went to the room again and came back after five minutes with their balloons even the burst ones.


The professor said: “There is no need for any speech today. This act is our daily life. We could easily help each other and succeed or make chaos. We are in this world together, why not help each other when we know this way we will reach our goals easy and faster.”

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  1. Beautiful story, it’s true, helping each other means having a better life.

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  2. pop goes the weasel
    jaaack is outta his box
    what s farsi fa john is given to you by allah.

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  3. This exercise is the reverse of one I remember when I was on a course (counselling skills, or was it mentoring? Whichever) but there the object was NOT to help. I found it impossible, and had to squash that part of me to complete the course.

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  4. Nice advice. All of us must practice it.

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  5. Reblogging this to my readers at sister site Poetic Justice

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  6. Very wise story.

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  7. It is a pity that people are so rarely reminded of helping others. Such an example reaches the mind faster than words.
    Can I put this example on my blog?

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  8. Great story!! I really enjoyed this. 💕

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  9. Brilliant! Selfless act will get things done, while selfish act will ruin everything 🙂

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  10. So true! We can all make and be the difference together that we want to see. God bless you richly in health, strength, love, peace & joy! Great story as per usual. ❤

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  11. Laleh, this story is beautifully crafted, with a wonderful and true message of

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  12. Great lesson to learn. Dear Laleh, I wanted to gift a friend in Germany with your book, but I am not sure if it is translated in German language, is it? Please let me know.

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  13. Incredible that no one thought of doing just that first time around!

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  14. They were able to work together, share the load and everyone had.
    Laleh, this is a wise and powerful message. Thanks for sharing 💜

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  15. Sigh! such a powerful message. Beautiful, Laleh ❤❤
    Happy new year 🙂

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  16. Lovely share! Happy New Year, May it afford your heart abundant blessings!

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  17. Hope all is well with you my friend. Peace unto all
    Life is chiefly service 💕🙏

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  18. A very appropriate story with life lessons for all of us. Thank you for sharing.

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  19. Wow, Such a simple story but a profound truth! Amazing! God bless

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  20. This is an important message that , sadly , is not being heard in some countries in the world today. Nice one as usual Laleh!

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  21. Beautiful lesson that we all need to learn

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  22. I tried that buddy technique as a n icebreaker to begin my college classes. It truly works when you think about someone other than yourself for a change.

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  23. I love your stories of wisdom and fortitude!

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  24. Purtroppo ancora non l’abbiamo capito 😦

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