We need each other

199th story

By: Laleh Chini

In a small neighborhood, there lived Mrs. Betty with his son Allen. Mrs. Betty lost her husband a few years ago. Her son Allen took over their small family business and they were doing well.

Their wall-to-wall neighbor was the Smith family. Janet Smith and Betty were good friends over the years of being neighbors.

The Smith family was under lots of financial pressure lately and life wasn’t going well for them. Betty overheard Smith’s conversation while she was gardening in the backyard.

The neighbors had the habit of asking for small things in case they needed them till they do their groceries, and lately, Janet borrowed more and more from Betty.

One day Allen noticed that his mother Betty is walking away from Smith’s house with a bag of salt. He was wondering, why his mother is borrowing salt when they have plenty of salt at home.

Some other day Allen saw his mother, Betty borrowing a shovel from Janet.

This time he had to ask his mother why she borrowed a shovel when they have many sizes of shovels in their shed?!

Betty replied: “The Smith family are under many financial pressures recently, and Janet has been borrowing a lot of food from us, I don’t want her to feel bad, so I borrow things from her too. Also when I go to groceries I buy some things for her and tell her it was on sale and I couldn’t resist.

I bake cakes, cookies, and bread many times a week and tell Janet, these days Allen’s demand is breathtaking, so I brought you some too.

Unfortunately, I can’t help them directly because it will break their heart and pride, so this is the simplest way that I could help my friend.

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  1. prayer is the only form of caring.

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  2. A most sensitive friend

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  3. What a wonderful neigbour Betty is! Wish, there would be much more like her.

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  4. Another heart-warming story, Laleh. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  5. Any way we can help another person is worth doing, and sometimes it requires a less direct and more thoughtful approach. This is a beautiful story, Laleh, one that shows the importance of thinking about how another person may feel 💜 xx

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  6. Wonderful story Laleh! There are more ways than one to help people in need.

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  7. what a warm wonderful story Laleh. Another 10 star! 💖💖💖

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  8. This story is rich with the lessons that life teaches us about living in community with our neighbors. Laleh, I enjoyed it very much.

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  9. Generosa nell’anima….

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  10. Preciosa entrada, visible y leve. Las mejores lecciones con tan buena presentación. Felicitaciones.

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  11. A beautiful example of solidarity whose value is that of being kept silent so as not to affect the pride of the person in difficulty. An affectionate hug Dear Laleh💕

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