Love In Silence

200th story

Patrick shared his story;

On my way to work, I passed a flower shop twice every day.

And each time I couldn’t ignore the beauty of the girl who was working there. She was very attractive, and every time I looked at her, I forgot my tiredness from work and life.

I never dared to step into the flower shop, until Mother’s Day. I walked in and said hello.

She shook her head, smiled, and wrote something in her notebook, then showed it to me.

“Please choose your flowers.”

With confusion, I pointed at some lilies, and showed with my fingers: “10 of these.”

She made a beautiful bouquet out of them quietly, and handed them to me, then wrote something again: “$56, please.”

That night I couldn’t sleep at all. The girl that I was in love with was deaf.

The next day I went to her shop again and grabbed her pen and wrote in her notebook: “I want a plant named “coleus”.

She smiled and pointed to the coleus behind me.

I chose a pot, the prices were on them, I paid and walked out.

From that day, I went to the flower shop every day and we wrote all our conversations in her notebook, I started with my questions about the benefits of different plants, and days after, it went as far as our personalities and hobbies. We both felt great seeing each other.

Months passed, and I loved seeing her beautiful eyes and her writing brought peace into my world.

For a few days, I didn’t go to the flower shop. I had to think about this relationship, I had to make my decision. This couldn’t go on like this any longer.

After a week of staying away from her, I walked into her shop. She was angry, she didn’t share her beautiful smile with me.

I took her pen and wrote in her notebook; “I need a very big bouquet for my engagement, please.”

Her face turned red and sadly wrote: “Congratulations.” then walked towards the flowers and made a beautiful basket, while tears were in her eyes, she handed me the basket with her shaky hands.

I had her pen ready in my hand and wrote: “Will you marry me?” and gave her the basket.

Her smile was more beautiful than all the flowers in the store.

I wrote again: “In this crazy world, I would be glad to live beside you peacefully. I love when you write your kindness on paper. We could keep our beautiful moments written in many notebooks over years.

It’s been a few years since we are married, and I still am in love with the silence of her lips, and the voice of her eyes!

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  1. silence is golden and thus be beholden

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  2. This story is lovely, sweet, and very poignant.

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  3. oh this is such a lovely heartfelt story Laleh!

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  4. Lovely story.. thank you ❤️

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  5. Very emotional love story and I loved the last sentence .good job

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  6. It touched deeply my heart. A very moving story, Laleh jan. 🤗🙏💖

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  7. What a lovely story, Laleh! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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  8. This is most beautiful, thank you for sharing 🪷

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  9. How touching!♥️

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  10. Perchè l’amore vero non ha confini e non conosce ostacoli ❤

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  11. Laleh, thank you for your wonderful stories. How come you can find all the time something special and heart touching!

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  12. The quiet beauty of love can be expressed in many ways. Lelah, I really enjoyed how the puzzle pieces came together in this story.

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  13. A wonderful share! When the heart is listening, love speaks, even in the silence!

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  14. I can relate to the silence idea as well for the person who loves someone but cannot easily communicate with them in a different language. But it can be successfully done as you say here.

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  15. Such a beautiful love story😍

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  16. It’s an lovely and emotional love story! Stay happy!

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  17. Such lovely story and beautiful pictures!

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