“201st Story”

Once upon a time, a king was enjoying his afternoon in his castle,

when he heard the shout of a farmer selling his apples loaded on a big cart pulled by a donkey.

The king gave five gold coins to his advisor and said: “Buy me apples from that farmer.”

The advisor kept one coin secretly to himself and gave four coins to the minister to buy apples from that farmer.

The minister as well kept one coin to himself and gave three coins to the castle’s organizer to buy apples from the farmer.

The castle’s organizer kept one coin and gave two coins to the head butler to buy apples from the farmer.

The head butler kept one coin and gave one coin to the guard to buy apples from the farmer, for the king.

The guard put the coin in his pocket, went closer to the farmer, and said: “The king is angry at you for shouting and disturbing his relaxing moment. He asked me to arrest you and put you in jail.

The unfortunate farmer begged for his freedom.

The guard said: “I may be able to talk the king out of his decision if you pay your freedom by all your apples.”

The farmer replied with tears: “These apples are the result of a year of waiting and gardening. My family needs this money.”

The guard said: “That’s all I can do for you, or you can go to jail.”

The poor farmer handed his investment to the guard and went home disappointed.

The guard took some amount of the apple for himself, and passed them to the head butler,……

Only five apples were left for the king and the advisor said: “one gold coin for one apple, was the price of the farmer.”

The king said: “Farmers are becoming very rich. One gold coin for an apple is a lot of money. Increase the tax now that people can afford to live like that.”

And there again cycle of corruption once again put people under the pressure of poverty and made the depraved richer.

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  1. greed the feeling that you need more why is that?

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  2. It’s the same cycle going on even now.

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  3. Una storia sempre attuale! Purtroppo.

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  4. This completely mirrors the decadence in the leadership and structure of followership of many developing Sub-Saharan countries like mine, Nigeria. Although it even speaks to the general way of life of humans… indeed the depth of the message is far reaching

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  5. So sad, but indicative of the greed we see so often in the world.

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  6. Your stories are full of life lessons.
    Honestly is the story that unfortunately
    Continue in most countries now a days.

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  7. once again a message with such a good lesson and meaning dear Laleh! Love the story!!

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  8. Inspiring story ! Well words write in.

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  9. So it’s the system more than the king itself that resulted in such corruption.

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  10. Sadly, we see this story as a never-ending saga in various settings. Greed and dishonesty attempt to overwhelm the kindness and hard work of others.

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  11. The title “Honesty” is ironic, since no one seem to have any, except the farmer. Perhaps if he had been less honest and only given the guard half his apples, he and his family might have survived. This is a heart-breaking story, because it reflects the real world – sinners in need of a Savior.

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  12. So filled with wisdom.🤔

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  13. Human greed knows no end. Insightful story.

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