God’s House

“202nd story”

A middle-aged man named Mr. Sabi lived in Adam’s neighborhood. Adam saw him almost every day.

Mr. Sabi was a quiet man, very polite, with a constant smile on his face.

Adam and his family always went to church on Sundays, and his best friend Ali prayed at the mosque every Friday, there were many other religions in the neighborhood and everyone had a special place to pray and meet God.

But Adam never saw Mr. Sabi participate in any of God’s house, not even his wife and children. But no one has seen or heard any bad thing about this family, they were good people.

Adam was always very curious and one time he dared to ask Mr. Sabi: “Don’t you like to go to God’s house, sometimes?”

Mr. Sabi smiled and said: “I’ve been in God’s house many times, and will keep going as much as I possibly can.”

Adam’s eyes were wondered, and asked: “When? No one has seen you in any church, mosque, temple,…!”

Mr. Sabi: “Would you like to come to God’s house with me tomorrow?”

Adam: “Really?!”

Mr. Sabi: “Be ready at 7am, I will take you there.”

Adam couldn’t sleep well that night, as he was thinking about what kind of religion Mr. Sabi has, and that their prayer spot is not near our neighborhood.

The next morning Adam went to Mr. Sabi’s car and they drove for a little while until they arrived at the orphanage house.

Mr. Sabi parked his car and said: “Let’s empty the trunk.”When he opened his car’s trunk, Adam saw hundreds of cupcakes and coolers full of milk packs.

With the help of the employees, they took everything inside to the cafeteria and everyone sat together, had breakfast, and after that, they all went to the schoolyard and played for hours.

All these beautiful innocent children knew Mr. Sabi very well, and they all loved him so much.

On the way back home, Mr. Sabi said: “Every Thursday I come to God’s house, my wife bakes her delicious homemade cupcakes for all of these children of ours. We often come together, but today I wanted you to see there are millions of different kinds of God’s houses that each and every one of us can visit every week and make the world more beautiful.

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  1. Bravo pour cette belle histoire qui devrait être partout racontée, surtout aux enfants.

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  2. Lovely story and a true statement about God’s house.

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  3. What a great lesson your story today teaches! I’ll try to do a better job living it. Thank you for the nudge, Laleh.

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  4. Great story, god is love. Children are the most vulnerable, so they need adult care.

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  5. This is such a beautiful story Laleh. It brought a tear to my eye!

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  6. I love this story Laleh!
    Sooo beautiful and true.. what a splendid message!

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  7. Beautiful definition of The God’s house.
    Your writing is delightful.

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  8. Laleh, you hit the nail on the head! (Is that an expression you’re familiar with?) Your example of God’s love living wherever service to others is given ( and especially widows, orphans, children) is quite well received! Would be nice if the man added a house of worship to his God places – because there he would hopefully find a supportive community of friends who would nourish his soul the way he & his wife nourish those children. Church for me is my “Refueling Station.”

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  9. What an amazing story! God bless 😊

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  10. 🙂 Have a blessed weekend, Laleh!

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  11. I love your stories! And it is true, there are countless houses of God…

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  12. This true story just fills my heart, it is what I am always thinking and living, thank you Azizam friend

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  13. The great story write you.

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  14. A God’s house practiced in this way makes one less susceptible to being brainwashed

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  15. E’ più facile pregare nella casa di Dio che impiegare la propria persona e il proprio tempo nelle vere case di Dio.

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  16. God — and His House– are everywhere.

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  17. I am a grandmother – up in age. But I have grandchildren in our local school system. I have chosen to be proactive for the next 4 years and run for a place on the local school board. Why? Are living most of my life as a Christian School Teacher who loved her children and prayed for them every single day I cannot sit back in retirment and not be a witness of God’s love for me without continuing to serve the children in our community. Being a Board trustee and retired educator will help forge policies that benefit the children of this poor rural school district. God’s presence is everywhere, and His house is where His children choose to be. We can be salt and light in a dark world. We just have to see where He wants us to serve the needy.

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  18. Touching story! God’s house is present in many places, even this orphanage. There we will find His love.

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