My Dad Was Right

203rd story

Ali shared his memory with me and it was so adorable I had to share it with you guys;

Ali was a young handsome boy in high school, and in love with his classmate.

That girl “Elsa” was from a strict family and to choose Ali as her boyfriend, she needed her father’s opinion.

After all the trying and effort that Ali put into Elsa and her family, she broke up with Ali and said: “My father says this boy will never be successful, and he can’t see anyone in Ali, but a loser.”

Ali was left heartbroken and life had to go on.

Ali always loved cars and finished his education in Mechanical engineering.

Ali’s grandfather had a big lot in downtown their city and invested his property in Ali. Ali’s father also invested in building a garage on the property, and a successful family dealership started.

Ali worked there as a partner and managed the family business.

Ali was very active and if any car had a complicated mechanical problem he always rolled his sleeve to fix it.

One of the days there was a very old, rusty, and out-of-shape car as much as Ali insisted to the owner to let this car retire and don’t spend any more money on it, the owner loved the car and wanted to fix and keep it, as it reminded him of his dead wife.

Ali wore his dirty-looking mechanical suit with many oily stains and went for a short drive to see what is wrong with the old man’s car. Little far from the dealership, the car stopped moving and a cloud of smoke rose out of the hood, Ali jumped out of the car to check into the hood, where Elsa was watching the whole thing as she was passing by.

Ali and Elsa saw each other after years. Elsa shook her head without any hi, how are you, and said: “MY DAD WAS RIGHT. You really turned into nothing but a loser.”

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  1. So nobody should jugde anyone by just one moment… I guess, Ali was much better on without that Elsa.

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  2. Too quick to pass judgment.

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  3. Funny how the eyes see whatever the brain interpret s and tells them to see.

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  4. Beautiful story to teach us not to jump to any conclusions too early.

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  5. Not what we were expecting – a brilliantly apt construction to the story

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  6. looks cooks hooked on preconceived notions!

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  7. This is a little story with a huge lesson. Thanks, Laleh.

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  8. I thought this story would end with the young woman realizing what a mistake she had made, listening to her father! But clearly it was Ali who lucked out on not marrying such a shallow person. I confess I laughed a bit, though I’ve seen this play out in real life. Love your stories!

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  9. Great story about how easily we misjudge!!

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  10. How sad that some people never learn to turn the page and look beyond the cover!

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  11. what a great story Laleh.. can’t judge a book by it’s cover.. 💖💖💖💖

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  12. There are always two sides to life. I loved the story and the end has a humorous giveaway

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  13. Yes. We live and we learn. Thanks for the wisdom-filleted share.

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  14. Le apparenze ingannano, ma chi non sa vedere con i propri occhi inganna se stesso ancor di più.
    Lei non meritava Ali.

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  15. Great post! This reminds me of the saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

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  16. Elsa was dead wrong about Ali for sure. Her loss!

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