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“152nd story”

First published: July.23.2020




In an elementary school, all the students sat on their chairs, getting ready for their teacher to attend class.


When the teacher settled and organized his absent list asked everyone to put their homework on their desks.


He walked to each student, checked their homework, and complimented everyone.

When it came to Tommy, the teacher got angry, threw Tommy’s notebook on his desk, and yelled loudly: “How many times do I have to tell you to be neat and clean. Look at your notebook; it’s dirty and ugly.


I want to see your mother tomorrow. I want to tell her how you are wasting everyone’s time. I can’t take it any longer.”

Tears circled in Tommy’s eyes, and he was shivering. He looked down, swallowed his grudge of sadness, and said: “My mother is sick, she can’t come to school. My father was laid off, and he said as soon as he finds a job, he will take my mother to a doctor to stop bleeding when she coughs.


My father said he would be able to buy more milk for my little sister, and she won’t cry out of hunger all night.


Then he promised he would buy a new notebook for me so I won’t have to erase my brother’s old notebooks. I try to erase them more neatly, but it rips the paper.”


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  1. This advise is always so true: Never judge anybody by outward appearance…

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  2. Oh my goodness poor soul, Yes we should not judge anyone.

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  3. Poor kid,he went through a lot. The teacher should have asked him in private, thank you for sharing.

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  4. Your writing touch our hearts 😢♥️

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  5. Oh God. I feel very sorry for the little boy. Hopefully things will turn better for their family.

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  6. All teachers may not understand and solve all problems the students have

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  7. This is a beautiful reminder that we never know the life stories behind people’s actions! ❤️ Thank you, dear Laleh!

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  8. A very insensitive teacher. In this story, Tommy speaks out. Many, if not most, children in Tommy’s position would remain silent about the difficulties they face at home.

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  9. mine work
    was complete
    but messy
    now i just blame
    my slobber on tessy
    but brick
    and mortar
    must be put on hold
    until we have a sure fire
    whiz bang vaccine!

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  10. This is why I want to become a teacher. So that I can be that one voice to tell our future they can succeed at anything and life gets better. Working in the child abuse field is very tough and heartbreaking. You make your words come to life so effortlessly. I felt every word and saw the tears of Tommy. Great read Laleh

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  11. Never judge even a notebook by it’s look….. this teacher should have been more compassionate instead of projecting his own anger onto an innocent child.

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  12. Your stories are so impacting Laleh. Do not judge by outward appearance.

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  13. So heart touching.. 💜

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  14. Un buon insegnante dovrebbe “curare” e non “dilaniare”.

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  15. A moving story Laleh. You must walk a mile in the person’s shoes before you you judge them.

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  16. heartfelt and a beautiful story Laleh! ❤️

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  17. A teacher’s job is to respect the needs of ALL of his/her students.

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  18. The teacher in me fills with empathy for the young boy and the challenges he and his family face. At the same time, I am so disappointed in the teacher’s attitude.

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