We Trust|ما اعتماد داریم

“154th story”

First published: Aug.06.2020

Once upon a time, a naïve man was taking his Ram to the market to sell.


The naïve man hanged a bell around Ram’s neck and tighten the rope to his donkey’s saddle. He sat on the donkey and hit the road while the Ram was following them. By hearing the jingle of the bell around Ram’s neck, the guy knew Ram is safely following him, and there was nothing to worry about.


A group of thieves silently untightened the Ram on the way and hung the bell to the donkey’s tail. After a little while, a man was standing in the middle of the road and  asked the Ram owner: “Why did you tighten a bell to your donkey’s tail?”


Poor, simple-minded guy realized that someone had stolen his Ram.

The man on the road told him:  “Leave your donkey with me and run for your Ram. I will wait here for you.”

The naive guy ran and looked for his Ram but couldn’t find it. He returned to get his donkey back, but that guy had stolen his donkey, and no one was there.

He walked tired and disappointed, and beside the water well saw a group of men gathering.


The group gave the naïve guy, food, and water. The simple-minded guy told them the whole story of his Ram and donkey. The group felt so bad for him and said: “We are wealthy merchants.


Some thieves attacked us, and we threw our sack of money in this water well to be safe. Now none of us knows how to swim to get our money back. If you bring our money back from the well, we will give you enough money for your loss of donkey and Ram.”


The naive guy once again believed them. He took his clothes off with some money he had in his pocket and, left to get to the well. He searched in the water for a bag of money, but there was no money. When he came out of the well, he realized he had lost his clothes and money too.”


“I shared this story because it reminded me how naïve we are, of all the beliefs we put on elections, governments, some friends and families, and have faith in their lies and continue trusting them again and again.”

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  1. that was an interesting lore. quite an eye-opener. we should not be trusting people blindly all the times.
    thanks for sharing.

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  2. with trump in charge
    no i m not naive
    and sin
    is a no win
    like saying Jesus
    at the pagoda
    well hell
    what would you do?

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  3. Reblogged this on UN ESPRIT SAIN DANS UN CORSAGE and commented:

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  4. Mollah Nasreddin? (/ Nasredin Hodja?)

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  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. Ma sha Allah, your stories always teach something.

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  6. Your story also reminds us that some of us never seem to learn from our experiences with the con-men in our lives.

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  7. It’s time to put our naivety away. Thank you for sharing and following my blog. Take care.


  8. These are those which true-blooded Germans call „Gutmenschen“, the French « les mougeons » (from the crossbreed between a sheeple and a pigeon) and the English speaking variety “Suckers” adding that “there is one born every minute”. Perhaps – as a reaction to what has just has befallen to Beirut – it is now the right time for them to awaken to reality?

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  9. I was rather trusting when I was young. Not so anymore. Too many untrustworthy people now.

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  10. It’s always my pleasure to read your beautiful stories.

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  11. People who blindly follow “others” are known as “sheeple”.

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  12. Yes you’re absolutely correct. We are so naive and trust people and loose many things.. 😡

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  13. Laleh, you are always pulling out amazing stories out of the “bag of your mother’s stories”.

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  14. So true !
    Great story Laleh ! So much to learn from this .😀♥️

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  15. More than ever considering the times now 💚💛❤️

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  16. Una cosa triste di questa umanità è quella di sfruttare l’ingenuità delle persone per i propri scopi.
    Che tristezza!

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  17. Laleh, this story is filled with so much truth. As you say, it accurately so applies to how naive people can sometimes be in today’s world.

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  18. Thanks for your like of my post, “End Times 20;” you are very kind.

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  19. Wat een heerlijk verhaal weer en fantastisch mooie foto’s.Bedankt om me ook op mijn nieuw blog te volgen

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  20. Hélas, c’est de la confiance que naît la trahison ! Ayons donc confiance en nous, et nous saurons vivre.
    Sois prudente Laleh et prends bien soin de toi. Bisous amicaux d’Auvergne (France). ❤

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  21. These days it’s hard to trust anyone

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  22. Another good lesson, Laleh.

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  23. A powerful story with a sobering message, Laleh.

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