Rude people|افراد بی ادب

“110th story”

First Published: Sep.26.2019

A story by Laleh Chini:


Adam worked in a flower shop near the very crowded entrance of a subway.

Every day he opened the flower shop early, and after a few hours, the owner showed up to work. The owner was an older woman, very kind, and talented at her job.


She had been working at her shop for more than forty years. Now that she wasn’t able to be at her shop for more than a few hours, she hired Adam to teach him all her magic talent and sell the shop to Adam in small payments.


Adam was a handsome boy with long hair and attractive eyes. He loved working at the flower shop, especially becoming the future owner made him more passionate.


Adam was very kind and friendly to all the customers. Hundreds of people walked to the shop daily, some new customers and some regular.

One day a beautiful young girl walked into the flower shop and picked a ready-wrapped bouquet. The price was on it; she reached for her purse to pay. Adam started with: “What a great day today is, isn’t it?”

The girl smiled.

Adam continued: “What a great choice, white and purple is my favorite too.”


She smiled and paid and ran out of the store without saying a word.

When Angela, the flower shop owner walked in, Adam told her: “Some people are rude, when you try to be friendly they don’t bother to reply, not even a thank you or goodbye!”


Angela responded: “They don’t need to be polite to us; we need continuously be friendly and kind so they would come back.”

Adam answered irritably: “You are right.”


Adam lived in an apartment near the flower shop, and every day walked in the local park.

A few days passed, and Adam was walking in the park when he saw the rude girl sitting beside a lady. Adam waved at her, and the girl waved back. When Adam got closer to them, the lady said: “Thank you for the beautiful flowers. My daughter bought them for my birthday.”


Then she moved her hands in sign language for the rude girl. Then the impolite girl smiled and signed back.”

Then her mother looked at Adam and said: “My daughter is saying how handsome you are.” and laughed.


Adam started taking sign language classes to be able to tell that girl how beautiful she is and ask her out.

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  1. Great lesson to be learned,
    Love the beautiful ending♥️

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  2. Love your talent for telling these short stories.💖

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  3. A moving story, with a happy ending, and a lesson for everyone. And what beautiful flowers, so in keeping with the season. A joy to behold.

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  4. Sometimes we just never know… wonderful story, thank you.

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  5. Laleh what a wonderful and powerful life lesson. It’s so easy to assume a something about a person’s action or reaction without knowing the their story. We are responsible for our own actions. Treating people with respect, love and kindness is key. The owner taught and shared a valuable lesson that ultimately has caused her business to thrive by offering them Star customer service. The ending is priceless, it made a full circle. 💜🤗💐

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  6. What a great story and beautiful writing. This tale thought me that I have to be more careful in judging, because l did not see anything wrong in the Rude girl reaction at first, nice post, loved it.

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  7. Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    Never judge before ge

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  8. Wonderful story ! Thank you ! Liked and shared, and flipped to my “Stories” Magazine.

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  9. A touching story, Laleh. We should never jump to conclusions about other people’s behavior towards us.

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  10. Laleh , your writings are fantastic story and a lesson for everyone. Thanks for this delicious sharing

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  11. A great life lesson … Not everything is visible, so we should be careful with sentences.

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  12. Now, you look wonderful ! Yeah !

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  13. So true, Laleh, that we almost always cheat ourselves of the depths available inside when we put a toe in the water and judge the whole ocean by our limited view. Thanks for the reminder … avoid jumping to conclusions and trying to read into another person’s motive when all we have is a momentary glance!

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  14. As I was reading this, I was wondering if maybe she had a problem communicating with him. It’s so easy to think the worst of a situation or person when we don’t have all the facts. What a beautiful and heartwarming story. Leaves the biggest smile on my face reading it. ☺️💕

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  15. Aah… this is a beautiful story! We shouldn’t be too quick to judge others because things are not always as they appear.

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  16. Lesson learned here… We never should judge until we know the Other’s story.

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  17. there is often a good reason .. well told!

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  18. 💚💚💚

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  19. That’s a really nice conclusion to the story 🙂

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  20. A beautiful story in several ways! You have me so hooked on the lessons in them. Thanks for what you do.

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  21. Beautiful love story, happy tears came at the end 💝

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  22. An unexpected ending to a sweet story.

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  23. Good story and those images, wow! Lovely, Laleh!

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  24. You are right dear:)

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  25. Oh gosh, Laleh! I worked in a shop for years and had the same thing happen to me! What a wonderful lesson that was and this is! We never, ever know where anyone is coming from or what they may have going on. Thank You and Cheers!!! 🙂

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  26. Never assume one’s demeanor will be manifested in the manner you expect it. We are often trapped by our human perceptions.

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  27. Madam,I like your stories but your photographs are really awesome.🙏🌹👍

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  28. What a wonderful story. Thank you.

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  29. I enjoyed the rich innocence of this story.

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  30. not between the lines
    mean finger the meaning

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  31. I always feel better when I come to the finish of your stories and this lovely story is no exception.

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  32. Another lovely story.. thank you.. 💛🌻💛

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  33. Wow, what a beautiful touching heartfelt story Laleh.
    So well done with your pics and important message to never assume❣️

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