Field Trip|گردش علمی

“156th story”

First published: Aug.27.2020


Karim was in 4th grade when his school announced a field trip. The school asked all the students to provide a small amount of money for the field trip and get their parents to sign the paper.


Karim’s family was so poor, and even that tiny amount was impossible for them to provide. Karim went back to school sad and handed the signed paper without money to his teacher. All the students were very excited and gave their papers and money to the teacher.


The class started, and the teacher looked at Karim and randomly asked a question from the last year’s book. Karim replied correctly, and the teacher made everyone clap for Karim and said: “This intelligence deserves an award.”


Then he gave an envelope to Karim and said: “Don’t open it now because we have to start our class.”

When Karim opened the envelope later in recess, he saw the exact amount of money for the school’s field trip. He became thrilled and was able to go on the field trip.


Years passed, and Karim moved to a bigger city, educated, and became a very successful stockholder.


One day when his son asked Karim to sign the paper for a field trip and pay the amount, he suddenly remembered his teacher’s generosity years ago and decided to pay a visit to their old town and maybe find his former teacher.


It wasn’t hard to find his former teacher in their small hometown because everyone knew each other. The teacher was an old retired man living in a small rented house. Karim knocked on the door and introduced himself. The teacher’s wife invited him inside. The teacher got excited to see one of his students coming to visit. Karim told the story of the teacher’s generosity to the teacher’s wife.


Karim said: “ I wanted to reciprocate your kindness.” and gave the teacher a large envelope.”

Karim said: “Don’t open the envelope until I am gone.”


When the teacher opened the envelope later, there was the deed of that rented house under the teacher’s name.


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  1. Absolutely wonderful story, I love it!!! 🥰
    Karim’s kindness touched my heart so much! ❤️
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories!!! ❤️💕🤗😘

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  2. It’s a great and inspiring story which says our teachers and parents are really important to us and they always helps us. So if we get a chance to do something for them we should do what we can

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  3. Thank you so much for such a good and inspiring story.😇😇♥️🌸

    Liked by 1 person

  4. all true
    but blue
    do to
    the profane
    of our own
    house of stone
    where one is seldom alone~

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  5. Beautiful story, I admire karim’s respond to the teacher’s generosity.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Aw, what a sweet story. We love our teachers.:-)

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  7. A touching story of kindness and gratitude. How often we forget to even thank those who have helped us along our journey!

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  8. I really love your stories.
    Thank you, Laleh.

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  9. Warm and inspiring story! Karim never forgot his teacher’s kindness. Being a retired teacher, this story stirs memories of some of my students.

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  10. That is a truly lovely story and a lesson to us all. Thank you.

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  11. I love you stories Laleh !

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  12. Oh my! This story brought a tear to my eye.Simple and so moving. Thank you Laleh!

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  13. This is such a beautiful story! Always been a fan of the childhood anecdotes. Totally loved it❤️❤️

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  14. My heart humped of happiness reading the entire story, thank you Laleh for sharing.

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  15. Such a beautiful and inspiring story! Thank you for brightening my day. 🙂

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  16. Della tua scrittura così semplice e diretta riesci a smuovere i sentimenti più profondi dell’animo umano.
    Grazie per questa tua novella che apre il cuore.
    Ne abbiamo bisogno tutti!
    Love Shera

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  17. Beautiful story about kindness.

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  18. Kindness is a choice, a heart reciprocating the love. Seen through the paid… forward love of God! A house is not a home, without reciprocated love! Nice share!

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  19. Che bella storia!
    Fa bene al cuore questo esempio, in una società arida.

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  20. A very important lesson here Laleh

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  21. Such a heartwarming story Laleh! 💗

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  22. Another good lesson for us, Laleh. Thank you!

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