Keep your head up|سر خود را بالا نگه دار

“132nd story”

First published: March.05.2020

A story by Laleh Chini:

Saman was a smart, brilliant boy.


He was from a small town. His father was hard-working labor, mostly gardening and farming for landowners.

Therefore his father usually couldn’t find any job in the wintertime, and they always were struggling to pay rent and all other expenses, especially in the winter.


Saman’s family didn’t have much, but the circle of love and care was at its most precious point. Saman had two younger brothers who were doing good at school too.


Saman passed the school with noticeable grades, enough to put him on a scholarship.

Moving to the new city was a big step for a boy from a small town.


Saman had to find a job to cover his expenses and send money back home to his parents to be a little help. Every day after his classes, Saman looked for a job; and finally, he found one at a very fancy restaurant that not many people could afford to eat there.


Saman’s new job was to clean tables after guests are gone.

The salary and his share of tips were enough for him to spend his simple life and send a bit to his parents.


Saman was passing courses with high grades, and he was very known in the university for being humble, kind, polite, and very smart. He often was bullied by rich students for his accent and they called him the village boy.

Beta was a quiet girl in the class who Saman looked at secretly every day. Beta always wore simple clothes, but classy. She was doing good in school but not with a scholarship.

Saman was happy that Beta is not rich, so maybe one day he could ask her out and God knows if they could build a future together.

Months passed, and the relationship between Saman and Beta was only a few secret sidelong.


On a jam-packed night at the restaurant, Saman was running around cleaning the tables, and wiping his sweats when a customer bumped into him accidentally, and Saman and his tray full of dishes and glasses banged on the floor and made a blasting sound which attracted everyone’s attention.


Saman started picking every piece off the floor when he saw Beta and her family sitting around the next table.


Saman felt so ashamed, Beta was from a wealthy family, and he didn’t know that.  Saman was thinking to himself: “Oh no, now the dream of having Beta, will never happen.”

Someone kneeled beside Saman to help him pick up the broken pieces. He looked and saw Beta on her knees. Saman didn’t know what to say.

Beta held Saman’s hand and helped him to stand up. She looked at her parents and, with joy and pride, said: “This is the most handsome and genius boy in my class that I always talked about.”

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  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Sweet story, Laleh.

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  2. What a sweet ending!!! ❤️

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  3. Beautiful story , Beta’s reaction was brilliant and thoughtful.

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  4. A lovely thoughtful tale Laleh.

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  5. I love Happy Endings! ❤ Thank you for this wonderful story!

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  6. Beautiful story. Individuals like Beta are capable of bridging the class divide.

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  7. Laleh this is wonderful story with a beautifully inspiring message. 😊💜🌸

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  8. Another lovely story. 🙂

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  9. Love this story Laleh
    Such a feel good story
    Thank you ❤️

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  10. This is a very sweet story with a lovely ending. Nice.

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  11. Touching and full of pride. I ❤ it, Laleh!

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  12. This story brought a smile to my face!

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  13. I didn’t expect this ending! I thought the hero would have to undergo many trials and wait a long time before he could propose to the ‘princess.’ But he had her attention all along, and on top of that, she made the first move. A nice touch!

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  14. Such a lovely story, Laleh! Thank you!

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  15. A very touching story! I enjoyed the read as well as the outcome at the end. Life sometimes finds a way to open a door for us when we least expect it to do do.

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  16. Beautifully written, Laleh, lovely story.

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  17. Che bella questa storia! Ci da speranza che l’umanità arriverà ad avere lo stesso livello per tutti. per tutti rispetto.

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  18. ‘Someone kneeled beside Saman to help him pick up the broken pieces. He looked and saw Beta on her knees. Saman didn’t know what to say.

    Beta held Saman’s hand and helped him to stand up. She looked at her parents and, with joy and pride, said: “This is the most handsome and genius boy in my class that I always talked about.”

    I felt like getting up, running around the room, shouting Yes! Yes!
    This made me smile.

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  20. Beautiful story! It’s really nice to read your posts.
    Sincere Thanks for following my blog.

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  21. Your writing is so vivid – I felt this would make a touching scene in a movie.

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  22. friends you would not find
    of that devoted kind
    ilk pout how now brown self
    sitting bitching upon meself
    what was once never
    so too now
    oh oh~

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  23. Such a lovely story Laleh!

    when the heart and hand meet where you come from is immaterial❣️

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  24. While I read your stories, Laleh, I always have one question: “Why there are so much imperfection in the World?” It is so easy to be kind, polite and respectful to the others. However, we see a lot of heartlessness, brutality, violence, etc.

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