The Gambler|قمارباز

“139th story”

First published: April.23.2020

An older man had a significant amount of money in his account.


The tax administration sent him a letter that he has to come over and explain the source of his income.

The older man went to the administration with his lawyer.


The older man explained how he earned his money from gambling. The employee didn’t believe him and said: “Even a gambler loses sometimes, and usually they are broke.”


The older man said: “I can prove it to you. I bet for $1000 that I can bite my left eye.”

The employee said: “That is impossible, I accept the bet.”

The older man took his artificial left eye out and put it between his teeth and asked the employee for $1000.”


The older man said: “Now I bet you for $2000 that I can bite my right eye too.”

The employee thought it would be unbearable that both his eyes be artificial, so he accepted the bet.”

Then the older man took his denture out and bit his right eye with it.


The employee was about to cry because of losing $3000 in a few minutes.

The older man said: “Don’t worry, I bet you for $6000 that I can pour a glass of water onto your garbage can without dropping any on your desk.”


The employee got happy because that was going to be difficult, and he would win his money back and make even more, so he accepted the bet.

The older man poured a glass of water on the employee’s desk and the lawyer put his hand on his eyes.

The employee asked the lawyer: “Why did you close your eyes?”


The lawyer said: “Because the older man bet me $25000 this morning that he would easily be able to pour a glass of water on your desk, and you will become delighted instead of getting angry.”

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  1. This is quite funny! I loved it.
    Thank you, Laleh!

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  2. What a smart man ,I enjoyed the story,thank you for sharing.

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  3. Very funny – a lovely story.

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  4. Mi terrò lontana dai scommettitori 😀

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  5. Thank you for providing a great laughter I had.

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  6. Reblogged this on lampmagician and commented:
    What a tricky creature 🤣😎👍

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  7. It was a good read.. enjoyed it

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  8. Laleh this certainly is a creative a fun tale. The gambler was conned at his own game. 🤣

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  9. Never trust what seems to be too good to be true especially now in this time of Corona

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  10. What perversity. And so he became rich

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  11. Ah! What a fine twist at the end!

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  12. The gullible become fools in the gambler’s game.

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  13. laughing all the way to the bank…. broke 🤣

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