Intellect and expedient|عقل و مصلحت

“162nd story”

First published: Oct.08.2020

Once upon a time,

A king went to the forest for hunting, with a group of his guards and friends.

The king was looking for something to hunt and, without noticing, got separated from his friends and guards.

The king was all alone and got a little scared.

He was looking to find others of his group when he saw someone getting close to him. The king prepared his arc and got ready to shoot at that man.

The man saw the king’s arc and screamed:

“Don’t shoot, don’t shoot. I am not your enemy. I work for you.

I take care of your horses.

You have seen me many times. I saw you here and came close just to pay my respect and say hi.”

The king didn’t shoot him and said: “You got lucky. I thought you were an enemy, and I was about to shoot you. How would I know you were a friend?!”

The man said: “I work with hundreds of horses and care enough to know them all one by one. If you ask me to find a specific horse, I know them well enough to bring it to you. I use my intellect and expedient for my horses. How come a king wouldn’t care enough to remember the people who work hard for him? Then how would you care to know the rest of your kingdom? Be very careful. This way, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish between your friends and enemies.”

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  1. take care there is one there
    not to share
    but prepare
    you for
    the two judgements
    made this way
    alone in body
    and stood alone
    from childhood

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  2. Beautiful story and fantastic life lesson for the king to know his kingdom better.

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  3. The horse pictures that go along with your story are beautiful.

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  4. Wise words and a nice story

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  5. wonderful story……….we should all be more like the man who tended the horses!

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  6. It’s true! The man who takes care of the horses would know each of them and their personalities and their ages and their needs and likes and dislikes. That is how he could look after them and keep them safe and well. Wonderful story Laleh!

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  7. Wise story and excellent choice of pictures.
    Laleh you are wonderful.

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  8. Thanks for checking out my blog recently!

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  9. As always, highly insightful, Laleh. ❤

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  10. No nsempre è facile riconoscere un vero amico, ma l’attenzione e l’intuizione fanno miracoli!


  11. Not only a good story, the picture that is used with it makes the story more spectacular.

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  12. A great story Laleh, as always! Many thanks

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  13. Wonderful story.Of course the man would have known all his horses as individuals. But the King ……

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  14. Thank you Laleh! This story brings a heartfelt pause to my morning coffee. Your message warns me better than another cup. Blessings to you.

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