Thieves|غارت گران

“172nd story”

First published: Dec.17.2020

We have three kinds of thieves in the world;

1-The average thieves

2-The political thieves

3-The religious thieves

-The average thieves are the ones that steal money, gold, empty your pocket, house, and store. They rob you to keep their stomach full.

-The second one steals your future, dreams, jobs, life, rights, pay, education, ability, trust, honor, and national belongings.

-The third group steals your world, courage of thinking, theory, knowledge, happiness, mental health, all your money, and wealth.

-The second group lie and abuse their power to control you. They keep you in a circle of small-minded to deceive and manipulate you.

-The third group sells you, religion, extravasation, sadness, depression. They take your world from you and sell you heaven.

The exciting part is that we choose political and religious thieves by ourselves. We give them power and make them important.

The normal thieves will be punished by law, but the political and religious thieves will be protected by the police, army, and law.

They control you.

Wake up and don’t support a thief, no matter what disguise they show in your way, be aware, choose, research. Never follow anyone blindly. We were born free. We shall stay free and choose the best way to freedom towards a true humanity, which is, Kindness, care for each other, and love.

With all these politicians and religious leaders in the world, why there are still hungry people? Why there is poverty that always leads to crime? Why only some of the millions of talented people in anyways, grow to the high? Why there isn’t equality?

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  1. I like your delineation of thievery classes. Sometimes the last two blur, like in a theocracy. Sad that this can happen in any country, even ones you least expect it. I feel like the 1930s dejavu.

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  2. dream deceived
    lies believed
    urgenti nos~

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  3. There won’t be any equality in the world, unless all the people know religions and politics are just for leading and controlling them . Beautiful post, thank you.

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  4. The biggest thieves are the ones that offer the most!

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  5. So true! But you forget the greatest thief of us, the corporate thieves who use, manipulate and control all the other three types of thieves. They have brought our planet to the brink of sustaining human and other life forms.

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  6. Couldn’t agree more…the onus is on us to think and choose wisely 👌👍

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  8. Very big questions asked here Laleh.

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  9. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  10. In our society people have to restart to THINK for themselves! Many thanks for your thoughts and best regards Martina

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  11. Il potere è nato per ingannare, il ladrocinio è il suo mezzo più potente e difficile da debbellare, perchè fondato sulla falsità e sul tradimento.

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  12. “Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world” (James 1: 27). ❤

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  13. A thief is a thief, no matter the deceptive veil. Power is given, it can never be taken. They can never take, just pretend to be a friend. While being a soul clothed trying to hide, behind a ravishing lookalike friendly veil.

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  14. The second and third types are most dangerous

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  15. This is an IMPORTANT post Laleh!! I agree with you we do need more kindness. Happy Holidays to you. 💖

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  16. This post urges one to reflect upon the world’s darkness. Thank you Laleh for encouraging us to continue searching. When selfish leaders attempt to hide the truth, we need to keep following a different light.

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  17. Laleh, this is so well written. I’d never thought about the three kinds of thieves, but you are absolutely correct. It is chilling how easily the masses are tricked by the political and religious thieves! It has happened now in the United States. I feel like the history of Germany in the 1930s is being repeated in the US now. So many people were tricked by our immediate past President. He was cunning enough to draw on people’s worst fears and prejudices. He tricked the evangelical Christians into thinking he was one of them. He stole Jesus Christ from them and replaced Jesus with himself. I used to wonder how Hitler tricked so many people in the 1930s, but now I’ve seen it with my own eyes in America and I am stunned.

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