The Tailor of Life|خیاط زندگی

“176th story”

First published: Jan.28.2021

Today I am going to share a very old story from the poet, RUMI—the story of a tailor who cheated on people’s fabrics.

The tailor was swift and sharp, and able to steal a part of the fabric right in front of the customer without them noticing.

A warden believed that can’t be true and wanted to confront this situation and prove to others that we can be careful, not to let this fraud happen. The warden went to the most tricky tailor which people addressed him.

The warden told these people: “This tailor wouldn’t be able to take even a weft from my fabric, I will prove that to you.”

People said: “This tailor stole from the sharpest customer; So for sure he will steal from you too.”

The warden said: “I bet my horse for this; if he couldn’t steal from my fabric, you have to give me a horse, and if I lost a part of my fabric, I will give you my horse.”

The next day the warden went to the cheater tailor with a piece of expensive silk fabric.

When the tailor saw the expensive piece, welcomed the warden warmly.

The warden said: “I need it to be ready very fast.”

The tailor took his meter out to measure the warden while he made a friendly conversation.

He told funny stories while he was cutting the fabric. The warden was laughing hard. Every time the warden’s eyes closed out of boisterous laugh the tailor cut a piece of the material for himself.

The warden asked the tailor to tell him another joke, and the tailor said: “If I tell you one more joke, then your shirt will be very tight for you to wear.”

Rumi then says: “The tailor of life keeps you busy and slowly cuts and steals your precious time of life. It will steal your attention, then takes your intelligence; and last but not least, will steal your rhythm.

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  1. This is excellent. I wish that saroosh did very well and you touch many lives

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  2. The warden had to lose his horse in the bit, to find out the truth, beautiful story.

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  3. I always have the impression that the life lections are not free of charge! Many thanks for this story and much success with your book:)

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  4. You share great lessons here!

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  5. Excellent story Laleh. 💜

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  6. Rumi is the wised, to transform anything to the TRUTH

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  7. Awesome, I appreciate

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  8. Your stories find their own unique way to teach us about life. Thank you Laleh.

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  9. Bravo! An exceptionally wise tale.

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  10. I really love this story! Thank you 🙂

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  11. A funny story, and one with a purpose too. Thank you.

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  12. La vita prende…ma da anche nolto. Bisogna attenzionare la nostra anima perchè ciò avvenga.

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  13. hole in my pocket
    and mind too
    not a fan of rumi
    meetcha at zafrans tho
    off i go

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  14. I enjoy every one of your stories, Laleh. There’s always a lesson to be learned. Thank you for sharing these stories and for illustrating them so beautifully.

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  15. As always with your stories Laleh I can take away the moral of this story and give it importance in my life!

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  16. Post is amazing more then before❤🌹❤

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