A valuable Lesson

“205th” story

Hossein was seven or eight years old when his Mother asked him to go to the fruit and vegetable store near their house.

She put a bill of twenty in a plastic basket with a shopping list and gave it to Hossein.

Hossein went to the local fruit store and handed the list and money to Mr. Saboori the store owner.

Mr. Saboori put everything on the list, in Hossein’s basket and gave him 3.5 of the money back.

When Hossein saw the 3.5 change, he went to the grocery next door and bought a Pop and cupcake.

He sat in a corner and enjoyed his refreshing drink and sweet, delicious cupcake.

Then Hossein went home and handed the full basket to his Mother.

“Where is the change? The money?” His Mother asked.

Hossein panicked and said: “There was no change.”

He felt a little guilty, to tell the truth to his Mother.

A few days passed and Hossein felt good that his Mother didn’t notice his lie.

One day his Mother said: “Let’s go to Mr. Saboori’s shop.”

Hossein started to shake a little bit, “Oh, no. I will be busted soon. What a shame.” He thought to himself.

When they got to Mr. Saboori’s store, Hossein’s Mother said: “Seems like the prices went up. You didn’t give Hossein any change, for the last purchase.”

Hossein was sweating out of shame and was scared to death.

Mr. Saboori looked at Hossein and said: “Oh, I am so sorry, I must have forgotten to pay him back. The store was very busy. I will count it on your today’s purchase.”

Hossein got happy but was shocked by Mr. Saboori’s reply.

When his Mother got busy picking up fruits, Mr. Saboori went to Hossein and said: “This time I didn’t let you lose your Mother’s trust in you, but there will not always be a next time in life. Be careful, never lie to find an easy way of living.”

Hossein learned a valuable life lesson.

Dear friends don’t forget to read my books.

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  1. 💜 Basically EveryOne; please do not “lie” unless it Benefits EveryBody

    “I cannot tell a lie” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

    …ergo, I imagine he did tell a few lies; a politician is a politician is a politician…

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐



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  2. I love all your stories, because they are all valuable life lessons as well as this one.

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  3. An inspirational story,dear Laleh!! I always enjoyed by reading your stories. I appreciate your style to tell the stories.wonderful.❤️👌❤️❣️❤️

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  4. Another beautifully written life lesson, Laleh. Thank you for sharing your writing talent with us.

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  5. Your lessons are always sweet Laleh!! love it💗🎂

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  6. Love it!❤️

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  7. Lessons are taught, when a heart, is able to learn!🙏🏽

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  8. The shopkeeper Mr. Saboori helped Hossein save face. So important for a child. We should all remember that.

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  9. Another blessed lesson! My five-year old grandson recently learned a similar lesson. Sometimes, the effective teachers come from outside of family such as this store owner.

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