Great Things That We Have

“207th” story

Jack called his realtor, Peter to complain about his house.

Peter said: “You should sell your house and buy another one. Why would you stay in this house when you don’t like it?”

Jack became happy and set a time for Peter to see his house.

Jack cleaned his house and garden, so when Peter comes to see the place, would have a great impression.

Peter came to Jack’s house, looked at the property carefully, and took some pictures.

After a few days, Peter sent Jack the advertising he prepared to sell the house, and the description was;

A beautiful house in a peaceful neighborhood, with a stunning backyard perfect for an amazing cup of tea beside a wonderful book, or a group gathering with friends for a nice BBQ. Two wonderful bedrooms with big windows for catching the astonishing sky and sun and enjoying the lights……

When Jack read the advertisement about his house, he messaged Peter and said: “Dear Peter, All my life I was looking for a house like the one you described in the advertisement. But it was not until I read your writing, I was never grateful for living in my dream home and enjoying it. Thank you for awakening me. My house is not for sale.”

This story relates to most of us, we have many things that we never notice to be thankful for. We are used to them and we practically don’t see them. Simple examples are; breathing, health, friends, and families, ……..

We all need to write down a beautiful note about all those amazing things that we already have, but don’t see.

Dear friends don’t forget to read my books.

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  1. I’m gonna read this fine story to one of my neighbours. Since many years she complains about her flat, but in fact it is so fine to live in this house here!

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  2. That is very true for many of us.

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  3. mess hole
    swallowed whole
    story already daily told

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  4. Another one of your superb stories that gently teaches us an important lesson.

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  5. Love it! We occasionally think about downsizing, but what we have is just so lovely — like your story!

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  6. An important message – as are all of your posts, dear Laleh! ❤ Thank you for shining light into the world! ❤

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  7. Great story, and so much truth to it. Similar to the saying, “the grass is always greener…” Sometimes the magic we seek is right in front of us. I wish you a great weekend.

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  8. I’m surrounded by lots good things,
    That I thank God for them.
    Thanks for such a great story.

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  9. This is such a great story Laleh!~ 💗

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  10. A beautiful story, written with heartfelt words. So many times we don’t appreciate what we have!

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  11. A beautiful story, written with heartfelt words. So many times we don’t appreciate what we have!

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