We Can’t Scream All Our Pains

“208th” story

After a long tiring day, George was driving his car to go home and have the rest of his day in peace.

The streets were jammed with fatigued people, probably trying to do the same as George.

The car in front of George drove like a turtle and made him so frustrated. George started to blow the horn, and swear at the front car’s driver.

After a few minutes, George noticed a note on the rear mirror of that turtle river’s car in front of him.

The sign said; “Mechanical problem, sorry, and thanks for your patience.”

That note changed everything in George’s mind.

He stopped pushing the horn and swearing.

He got home late compared to other days, but he didn’t have any problem with that anymore.

George thought to himself; “If that car didn’t have that note, would I ever stop swearing at him? Why did that car need a sign to make people like me calm? If people put a sign on their forehead and say, please be patient with me today, I don’t feel good, we would understand them better and be kinder to them?

And many other stickers on foreheads that say; I lost my job. I am battling a disease. My child is sick. I am in process of a divorce. I lost my mother. I am losing my house. And millions of other feelings and problems.”

These are all the problems we all are fighting with, every single day.

We should read the invisible signs on each other’s foreheads, and be more kind to each other.

We can’t scream all our pains.

Dear friends don’t forget to read my books.

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  1. haste
    come on now
    i m bz making waste
    taste the whine
    dip your toe in
    the carping is fine

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  2. A wise and timely reminder.

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  3. An important lesson beautifully conveyed. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. We should but we don’t

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  5. Another wonderful one with a message to take away. Perhaps we need to be more patient and kinder all time if we can.

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  6. This is something we would be wise to remember and write a not to our impatient selves. Love the message and great story Laleh!!

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  7. Being nice to each other is the key, no doubt.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

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  8. Thanks for sharing this. Anita

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  9. I look forward to the lessons each of your stories teach, Laleh. This one really hit home with me. It is so true. Everyone is living with something, but most people are good at hiding their feelings and concerns. We forget to be kind as we hurry through our days and are distracted by our own worries. Your stories always make me stop and think and then I try to do better. Thank you for sharing your gift for storytelling through your blog.

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  10. Amazing and lovingly thought provoking.🍮🌻

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