Rules of Six

“209th” Story

Once upon a time,

A donkey became the king of the jungle.

He made new rules for every creature of his kingdom. His new rules focused on number six, for example; All the animals had to go to sleep at six pm and start their day at six am.

The birds were allowed to eat only six times a day, but they used to eat whenever they found something, which could have been hundred times a day.

If any of the animals wanted to be together as a group, it could be only six of them, also their gatherings couldn’t be longer than six minutes.

The donkey set many rules all in “six” limitations.

And if anyone disobeyed these rules of the “six”, they had to pay the consequences.

One day the rooster cocked at 5:20 am and was ordered to be executed, so others will learn their lesson and never disrespect the donkey’s rules.

The donkey brayed for the animals that if anyone disobeys the power of “six”, we will show no mercy.

Other animals were so afraid of the donkey and obeyed the rules and continued living with fear and slavery.

Years passed and the donkey got very sick and was about to die.

The lion went to visit the sick donkey and said: “ I always wanted to know why did you have that rule of “six” for everything? And why did you take it so hard on others just to obey?

The donkey said: “I made a stupid, nonsense rule. When you set crazy rules it scares others more, and bring their focus and attention to that rule. I just wanted to know who is stupid enough to follow! And it worked.”

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  1. the vile six and nine
    time neither yours nor mine
    law and order
    and trump
    hell no
    shah reza a preening peacock yup
    the epitome of regime change? uh huh
    wise at least in our own eyes
    the gist
    is this word then

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  2. Beautifull history!

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  3. The donkey learnt only number ‘six’ throughout his life.

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  4. hahaha did the Donkey die at 6:00?

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  5. Your beautiful story reminds me the rules of those dictatorship countries that even in the 21st century exists.

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  6. Most thoughts profound story,dear laleh!!💞🙏🏻💞

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