Stay Generous

“210th” Story

Once upon a time,

Thousands of years ago,

There lived an impoverished couple.

Life was bitter for them.

Even though they were very patient people, it wasn’t easy to pass these difficult days.

Every night they prayed to God and asked him to help others first than them. They begged God to give them a chance to see a better and brighter way of living.

God heard their prayers and came to the wife’s dream and said: “I will give you a fortune for one year, then I will take it all from you again.”

After this incredible dream, life changed its path for them, and a chest full of gold appeared in their room.

The couple remembered that in the dream, God said they would be rich only for a year, and after that, they will become poor again.

The wife said: “We should find a way to help others. When we become poor again, they will remember us and will help us back.”

The couple bought an enormous land and started farming. They made seven openings from seven different roads to the farm and welcomed all the tired passengers, fed them and gave them a place to stay, and shared their harvest with the poor.

A few years passed, and the couple nonstop has been doing this generosity.

One night the husband said: “It’s been years since God helped us being rich and live comfortably. But I remember God told you; we will be rich only for one year!”

The couple went to sleep, and God came to the husband’s dream. The husband asked the same question: “How come we stayed rich for years?”

God said: “I opened one door for you, but you opened seven doors for others. Why would I close those doors?!”

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  1. we were from HIm
    we are from us
    oh oh
    oh no
    just so

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  2. A fine story full of wisdom. Thank you for telling it!

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  3. It doesn’t matter what religion you believe in ‘sharing’ and ‘compassion’ do justice!
    Love sweetheart 💚🦋

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  4. Wonderful story with a well deserved happy ending.

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  5. I loved the way the couple responded to God after they got rich.
    Thanks again for another remarkable story.

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  6. Thanks for sharing this amazing story. Anita

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  7. We shine like heavenly stars in God’s love. Your’s stories are proverbial and much needed in this hour of life. I thoroughly enjoyed. Peace Love snd Blessings .

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  8. Lovely story, Leleh! Doing good for others is never bad. It’s how life should be.

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  9. thank you very much. Peace and LOVE.

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  10. A very uplifting story, Laleh… 🙂

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  11. Most beautiful and inspired story,dear Laleh!!You are amazing story teller🙏🏻👌🙏🏻I love your all story,my dear!!Love you.💞❣️💞❣️🌷🥰🌷💞❣️💞❣️

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