True Human

“211th” Story

The world was at war, and the enemy was killing innocent people. Women were losing their husbands and sons.

The enemy was building a wall to divide the city into two separate parts.

Soldiers were guarding to make sure that no one was able to pass into the other side.

People were starving and didn’t know how to find food to feed their children. Mothers kept their kids at home and went out in the streets to find some food.

Mary had a six-year-old son named Tommy. Her husband had to participate in a compulsory army, and she didn’t know where he was or if he is still alive.

Mary had to dare and get out of their apartment to find a portion of food. Mary knew it wasn’t safe to take Tommy with him. The division wall was easy to see from their apartment window.

She had heard the other side of the wall has more options for food; the enemy was still building the wall, and many people could sneak to the other side somehow.

Mary sneaked into the other side, and she was right, there was more food available.

She decided to go back home and bring Tommy with her and sneak again to the better side and stay there.

But when she was trying to sneak back, the soldiers saw her and didn’t let her pass to go home.

She cried so loud and begged, but there was no way to go back to Tommy. She started yelling and screaming: “Tommy, Tommy get out of the apartment, and follow my voice.”

Tommy heard her and came to the spot. The soldiers stopped him, and at a distance of less than a few feet, Mary and Tommy were not allowed to be together. They were both crying, when all of a sudden a soldier held Tommy and gave him to Mary.

They arrested the soldier and put him on his knees to execute him right away. They asked the soldier: “You committed an unforgiving crime and the price to pay is an execution.”

The soldier said: “It is fine by me to be punished even if it ends with my own life, when my crime was, acting like what a true human should.” 

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  1. life with baited breath
    no rest from war and evil
    death quick
    power and money
    mead s honey

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  2. A very powerful story with an unexpected ending.

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  3. It is very difficult to combine war and its atrocities with humanity. Unfortunately soldiers are forced to obey and when they don’t they are bitterly punished. The was is an orrible beast!

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  4. Acts of kindness, reveals our heart, and our humanity!

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  5. What a powerful story, Laleh! It had me holding my breath to see what was going to happen.

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