How Do You Choose?

“212th” Story

There lived two brothers, John, and Zack. John was 33 and Zack was 31 years old.

John chose his way of living very poorly and went wrong. He started with painkiller pills and continued with many different drugs and in the end, he was in a chain of heroin addiction and there was no hope of his survival.

But Zack, John’s brother from the same family was a successful young man. He finished his university with a business major and worked for an investment company.

Zack was a caring brother, and when he took John to rehab for the third time, there was a young journalist making a story for the newspaper she worked for.

The journalist got interested when she saw two brothers walk in, one in addiction and the other one a normal young man, and asked Zack and John for permission to ask a few questions, and write about them in her coloumn.

She asked John: “How did you end up on this wrong path?”

John replied: “We had an abusive father. He was a drug addict and used to hit us all the time. He always hurt our mother and ruined our lives. What would you expect from me when my role model was this father, I became exactly like him?”

The journalist then asked Zack: “You are from the same family. You have seen and been in all these horrific situations. Why didn’t you become like your father?”

Zack replied: “My father was my role model in my successful life. I just looked at it differently. Every bad thing he did to us and himself, I avoided doing. I made sure that I would never become like my father. We can’t choose to be born in a healthy society, but we can choose to come out of wrong, even if we have the worst role models.”

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  1. best and worst
    blessed and cursed
    so it goes
    all the way back to the land of nod
    how odd
    milk and honey
    even took forty years dear.

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  2. Your story clearly lays out that we have choices and choose how we will respond to adversity. Well done.

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  3. A pertinent explanation Laleh …

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  4. “homo faber fortunae suae” (ogni uomo è artefice della sua fortuna);

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  5. We can choose how we react to the things that happen to us. that is the key towho we become and why. Another good story Laleh.

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  6. Another excellent story with a moral from you, Laleh. Thank you for sharing your gift for storytelling with us.

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  7. What a remarkable story and message as always Laleh!

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  8. I similarly remember my father for being the imperfect person who always reminded me to handle life in my own way. I could never have emulated his smoking, drinking… if I wanted to succeed later.

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  9. buongiorno
    un saluto dall’Italia

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  10. You hit home right there. I have twin daughters that are complete opposites. Choices….. 💗

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