Stay a Child

“213th” Story

Once upon a time,

There lived a king. The king asked the smartest man in his land, to gather the history of human life, and bring it to him.

Time passed and the smart man read many books and chose 40 important of them to the king to read.

The king said: “This is too much, make it shorter. I can’t read all of these.”

The smart man tried to sum up the research and reduced the 40 books to 20 books.

He went back to the king and the king still didn’t approve and asked for a smaller version, as he can’t read this much.

The back and forth continued until the smart man made notes of important parts of all those 20 books and made it in size of one book.

The king said: “I don’t have time to read these notes, just explain it in the simplest way you could.”

The smart man said: “Humans came, suffered, and died.”

The king asked: “In search of what?”

The smart man replied: “Power.”

The selfish king wondered: “I don’t like to suffer, I want to be happy. What should I do to avoid suffering, and stay joyful?”

The smart man said: “Stay a kid forever. A child looks at the world differently. Everything is phenomenal to a kid.

The best life is that if you are even in your 90s, still look at the world as a child. When they see a butterfly, they follow it and smile. When they find a stone, they pick it up and look at it with interest, and put it in their pocket, for no obvious reason. Always water your inner child and keep it fresh and alive.

Dear friends don’t forget to read my books.

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  1. kid jest just you must
    be off the rocker
    cos it is so
    that s for sure
    some damn big umbrella of we re not quite right
    ajar from near or and afar
    the cleric
    is a drag
    kill for God
    so says he
    but fuck it
    after all
    queen esther
    did hang haman from that yard arm
    and hence
    i name my guardian angel
    modecai vanu
    after her uncle
    too long
    a song
    so sad
    too bad
    but this shit is free
    and my own form of private idaho victory

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  2. So true!!!
    All the best Laleh 💙🦋💚🌼🌹❤️‍🩹

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  3. Very beautiful👌

    Never allow the child in you to die!
    As it is not the child
    The curious explorer
    The innovative tinkerer
    The empathetic abode
    The fearless action taker
    Is the one who ceases to exist
    When the child in you dies!

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  4. This is a wonderful story I wish
    More would love by Laleh!

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  5. Laleh, that’s a wonderful lesson we should all take to heart. Thank you for sharing it.

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  6. Shukran, dear Laleh! Indeed, your story is right! If also take into account an idea expressed somewhere in Buddhism that our Creator might be a child Himself, its value becomes double. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  7. You are a great writer! I look forward to reading more of your books

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