Buy My Rooster|خروس من را بخر

“184th story”

First published: Mar.25.2021

A boy asked his father for ten coins to buy a ball.

His father said: “I don’t have ten coins, but I have a rooster. If you sell the rooster for ten coins then you can buy the ball.”

The boy took the rooster to the market to sell, but no one offered ten coins for it.

The boy knocked on a house’s door. A fine-looking young lady opened the door.

The boy said: “Will you buy my rooster for ten coins. My mother is sick and I need the money for her medicine.”

The young woman felt so sorry for the boy and said: “Come inside while I get the money.”

When the boy came inside, someone rang the bell.

The young lady got scared and said: “Oh no, it’s probably my husband. Now he will think I have an affair with you. So, you better run to the basement and hide.”

Then she opened the door, but it wasn’t her husband. Her boyfriend was at the door.

The boyfriend came in, and a few minutes after, her husband came home. She told the boyfriend to go to the basement and hide.

The boyfriend and the boy met each other in the basement.

The boy who realized the great situation for extortion, asked the boyfriend loudly: “Will you buy my rooster?”

The boyfriend said: “Stay quiet, her husband will kill me.”

The boy said: “If you buy my rooster, I won’t scream that you are hiding here.”

The boyfriend said: “How much?”

The boy asked for hundred coins.

The boyfriend said: “This rooster is worth two or three coins.”

The boy said: “This is the price of me staying quiet.”

The boyfriend paid a hundred coins to the boy.

Then the boy said: “I will buy your rooster for three coins.”

The man said: “I just paid you Hundred coins for it.

The boy said this is the price of me staying quiet.

The boyfriend agreed again.

Then the boy said to buy my rooster for five hundred coins.

And made the guy pay. And then bought the rooster from the boyfriend, for two coins.

The lady came to the basement and said my husband is gone.

The boyfriend and the boy left the basement.

The boy went to the market, bought a ball, and a bicycle, and with the rooster went home.

When his father saw him with the rooster, ball and bicycle asked: “What did you do? How did you do this?”

The boy told the story.

The father said: “You did a very bad thing, and need to go to the judge of the town; he is an honest man, and tell him the story and ask for forgiveness.”

The boy went to the honorable judge and saw the judge is the boyfriend of that lady, whom he met in her basement.

The boy went closer to the judge and said: “Will you buy my rooster or I tell everyone you have an affair with a married woman.”

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  1. What a fine story! The boy could make a great career in politics! 😀

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  2. He’ll get his comeuppance one day

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  3. I love this story, Laleh!

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  4. Some people leave themselves wide open to blackmail!

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  5. lair
    of a foul
    young man
    got his share

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  6. oh I love this story Laleh!
    Laughing the sly Devi!
    a politican he could be! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  7. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  8. That was amazing! Clever little boy!

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  9. This is hilarious. Just love the way you spin these simple stories with so much of values infused in them. Thanks Laleh.

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  10. Haha – great story, Laleh!

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  11. Oh, oh. A case of sins finding one out for sure.

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  12. I read your blogs,
    Such a excellent content

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  13. Too funny! This boy seems destined for great things . . . as long as he keeps the rooster alive.

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  14. Very talented business guy who is utilising the situation. Money 💰 maker.

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  15. I enjoyed reading this one all over again, Laleh. I’d forgotten the ending!

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  16. Ha ha – laughed a lot.
    Clever boy!

    Love the storytelling. Love your style of portraying the scene and story.

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