Racism|نژاد پرستی

“149th story”


The racism news all over the world in these few months brought back a memory of 10-15 years ago here in Toronto.


Unfortunately, racism still happens everywhere in the world to blacks, Muslims, natives, etc.


I am a Muslim, and The holy Quran is in Arabic, I can read Arabic as we learned in school, but I can’t understand Arabic because my language is Farsi.


One time that I was trying to read the complete Quran in Farsi translations, I carried my Quran with me everywhere, so if I find the time, I will be able to read it.


I remember that I went to my mechanic for an oil change. While they were changing the oil, it was a great time for me to read. I went to the launch room, holding my Quran.


There was a white grandmother with her white grandson in the launch room.

As soon as I sat on the chair far from them, the grandmother’s eyebrows joined together, and somehow she seemed very angry. She pulled her grandson closer to herself. I tried not to look, but her acts were so overt and drew other’s attention.


The grandmother pointed her finger at me and told her grandson:  “Do you see her?”

Her grandson looked at me directly.

The grandmother continued: “She is a terrorist. All Muslims are terrorists. And we hate them.”


I pretended that I didn’t hear anything. I felt so sad for the poor grandchild who should listen to hateful words in the early years of his innocent beautiful life. The years that he is supposed to learn to respect others, not all the Muslims are terrorists, not all the blacks are criminals, not all the natives do the crime, and not all the white people are angles. These kids grow to bully and hate others.

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  1. It is heartbreaking and enraging at the same time to see how people believe that all people belonging to a community are the same. It is sad to realise that a world that must be united by love is ripped apart by thoughtless ideas like racism!🙁

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  2. I’m curious – you say that you can read Arabic, but not understand it? Please elucidate!

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  3. That is really sad Ma’am.
    Their ignorance is making them blind

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  4. I agree with that. Thanks Laleh !

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  5. the power of the vote
    bloc the powers that be
    hate is not our fate
    race religion creed
    must is a need
    heed the warning
    saying nothing
    is a tacit approval~

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  6. On top of it, there is the insult of a Persian being called an Arab. ha ha

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  7. Dear Laleh Chine, once again I love your writing. Touched my heart deeply. May we all awake as new humanity, one more aware of our Oneness and more loving towards our beautiful individual expressions. I have never been in our shoes but I have been close enough and like you I pretended not notice. Many blessings your way.

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  8. This grandmother has been a very dumb person. I do hope her grandson did not believe her.
    We are all human beings, and we should respect and care for each other.

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  9. that was a very moving and heart-touching narration. May Allah reward you for your tolerance and good intentions.
    Indeed how awful for that poor kid to listen to such vile Islamophobic abuse at a tender age. I hope he grew up to be a good human being.
    May Allah Almighty grant correct understanding to those who have the feeling of racial, communal, and ethnic hatred. and may peace prevail on our planet. Ameen!

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  10. I bow my head… there are many forms of prejudice, and none should continue in this multimedia multiracial multinational age

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  11. No one is born a racist. Unfortunately is handed down by ignorant hateful people, such as the grandmother in your story.
    I am sorry you had to go through that.

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  12. Sorry you had to experience this

    I this this quarantine has uncovered more racism along with the blm protests

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    • It’s so unfortunate to see racism in 21 century. Some of us still needs to grow up I guess. Thanks so much Marty.

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      • I can not believe some of the things white people have done and I am white.

        I played professional baseball

        I had a hall of fame black manager Frank Robinson

        I heard white people call that proud black man the most disgusting things some in front of their kids

        If you meditate and value a spiritual path

        Do no harm

        I always give intention to Alleviate the suffering of others.

        Hate and racism take away their ability to ever be happy

        So know that hate has great consequence

        Happiness is filled with kindness, giving and gratitude

        The opposite of hate

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      • That was a great read Marty. It’s such a shame indeed. I have come to many kind whites, blacks, browns, jews, Muslims, etc. in my life. thank God for all those great people in the world.

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  13. You’re absolutely correct. Everywhere this racism and discrimination is happening and polluting the mankind. Till now couldn’t understand when this ends. Even well educated too are behaving in this disgusting racistic(sadistic) manner. They should realize.

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  14. Thank you for that, Laleh. Some people do not gain wisdom with age

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  15. I always enjoy reading your beautiful stories and I loved your reaction in this story, God bless you and every one who have respect for human rights.

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  16. I hate that experience for you. I know we can do better.

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  17. I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I hope the world show more empathy, resilience and kindness –

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  18. I am so sorry this happened to you, dear Laleh…….Only people who hate themselves can hold so much hate for others. THEY are the problem, not those they try to point fingers at and blame. No one deserves to be treated badly, as you were, and no child deserves to be raised to hate others due to the ignorance of those who raise them. Sending you love……<3

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  19. You have a generous heart. Too bad that grandmother could not see she was a bad example of whatever she was, likely ‘christian’. There are good and bad representations in all groups, but we each, like you, need first to have love for all. Thank you.

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  20. It’s really sad people are like that. And even sadder they’re teaching their kids and grandkids to be like that. Sending hugs your way! 🤗

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  21. Any time someone says “ALL ______s are _______,” (s)he is denying the uniqueness of each human being. Certain groups in the US now are making blanket statements about white people and about black people. I don’t think either race appreciates having others speak for us, saying what we feel and what we want. I would much prefer to TALK to a person and learn what (s)he thinks – give the person credit for thinking for him/herself. You can’t fight racism by making racist statements.

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  22. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt message with us.

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  23. Racism is real for those of us who are non-white. Like you, we all have our encounters with close-minded individuals. That grandmother knew not of your loving heart for her and her grandson.

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  24. Not especially related to the subject: a friend of mine told me about someone, a devout Christian Orthodox living in a western European country.
    He is mocked on a regular basis by his colleagues for religious practices (e.g. fasting and confession); and the only people who respect him for his faith are Muslims. What to say more?

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  25. We are born free of hate. And then it is learned. A sad commentary on humanity. When will people realise we are all the same?

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  26. What a sad story. I am sorry this happened to you. but I am also sad for that child. His grandmother is a woman full of vitriol and bile and you, dear Laleh, are not!

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  27. Who ever thinks that Persians are Arabs is very uneducated, it happens a lot that people mistakenly think this way. Having in mind that it I love Arabs as much as Persians, believing that every culture and believe leads to the same goal to be kind and compassionate to one another, especially in those times right now.

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  28. It’s sad to know what that old grandmother did to you and more sad about the child who is taught this at such a little age. The child will adopt that unknowingly at a later stage in life.
    Rather than teaching small children to respect elders she gave him a wrong lesson.

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  29. Children are not born racists. It’s heartbreaking that adults teach children to be cruel. What a sad story for you and the child. The US is making a little progress, but an end to racism can’t come fast enough.

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  30. It is sad when people become so wrapped up in thier biases that they cannot see beyond them. Thank you for sharing your story, Laleh.

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  31. Sad story.. racism/hatred exists against everyone even whites..

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  32. 💚

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  33. That’s a sad and heart breaking incident. I feel sorry for children who are made to learn this all those years.

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  34. I think racism is a narrartive taught by the establishment to suit their agenda. It’s taught to us in schools, in the media, in politics and in society. I have witnessed the same racism you describe, towards Muslims, but also towards Irish people. Sweeping statements made by English people that all Irish people belonged to the IRA (a now disbanded terrorist organisation).

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  35. Provo profonda vergogna per i comportamenti di questa gente ignorante è fondamentalmente egoista.

    Il razzismo oggi tornato così violentemente sulla scena è il frutto della cattiva politica di integrazione tra culture diverse.

    Purtroppo anche in Italia succedono fatti orribili.

    All the best sweetheart ❤

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  38. So much ignorance in the world, Laleh, but all of it is based on fear. I’m dreaming of a wiser world.🥰

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  39. Racism is a horrible thing.
    Love is the only solution.
    We have to accept and respect other people.

    Kind regards,

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  40. Purtroppo non c’è ancora la maturità per capire che non c’è colore che distingue gli uomini.

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  41. Laleh, what a beautiful, heart-wrenching portrayal of “hurt people who hurt people.” I certainly grew up in the face of prejudice as an immigrant’s daughter in America. Wounded, I had no advocates, and I went inward and anesthetized my emotions with food. As I gained weight, I was bullied even more for being heavy. Being heavy was a death sentence at the mostly white, affluent school I went to. Anyway, I survived. My son, who was NOT raised as a “bully” or “alpha male,” could not overcome the bullies. He took his life at 26-years-old. Judgments KILL in one form or another. Why can’t people just play in their own sandboxes? Why can’t they just etch out their own lives and keep their eyes on focused on themselves; better yet, find therapists to talk to? Thank you for your sincerity. I appreciate your voice. xo

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    • Hi dear, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m so glad that you are my friend, thank you for sharing your story and bringing awareness to bullying. I can relate to your life as suicide is no stranger to my family. We had a hard life growing up and the way I dealt with it was to write about it in my book. Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you healing and happiness.


  42. Good people will just have to ignore the few illiterate, ignorant and arrogant.

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  43. I am so happy for u. And it hurts my heart that that happened to u. I hate racism and I take the fight personally, so I support u and ur books. Good luck with ur battle and I hope u succeed. Thank u.

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  44. This truly is sad. Racism is the worst tragedy in our society. No one has to go through such verbal torture at such a young age.

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  45. even though it is heart breaking to hear about your racism experience, Insha Allah my sister you will overcome it and will meet lot of good people in this world who will make you happy.

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  47. Hello.This article was extremely remarkable, especially because I was searching for thoughts on this issue last Thursday.


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